Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Lying Times

Know anyone who reads The New York Times? Here's a little commentary on a correction the Times ran today. Go and read how they misrepresented the facts to their readers for three straight days. It's all in a days work for them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

9/11 Families for Bush

Some of you may remember a week ago or so, five 9/11 widows endorsed John Kerry for president. When the headline first came out someone joked "Hey do you think it's the same Jersey Girls?" And what do ya know? Of course it was. The press that came from this endorsement was all over the media and they loved it! Well how do you think the press would react if 150 families of 9/11 endorsed Bush? Somehow these families don't warrant the same attention. Please respect these families and read their entire post. It is moving. They alerted the media of their endorsement weeks before The Jersey Girls did their thing. So, why dear reader do you suppose this is? Why in the world would the media ignore 150 9/11 families, but yet give unyielding attention to 5? Five that just so happened to endorse Kerry.....

No media bias here, just keep moving please. Nothing to see....

Unrest in Iran

Pray this is true. From what I can tell, this has not hit the MSM. A revolution in Iran is a completely different animal than what we had hoped for in 1991 in Iraq. The Iraqi's could never rise up against Saddam. He had beat them down too much. After the chemical attacks on his own people in 1991 that was it for hoping for an Iraqi Revolution. Iran is different. There has been a reform movement in that country for years and it sounds like they are organized and on the move.

The pressure is on and the Iranians that love freedom have been waiting for an opportunity for a long time. I hope and pray the story is correct and that they are successful beyond all of their hopes and dreams. Time will tell.

A Little Terrorism Perspective Please

Read this excellent commentary for a little perspective on how other countries have defeated 'insurgency' (Terrorism for all the realists out there). Here are a few paragraphs:

More than a dozen countries (Colombia, Peru, Malaysia, the Philippines, Algeria, Egypt, etc.) have experienced similar terrorist movements in recent decades. In every case, the terrorists, having pushed the limits of brutality as far as they could, were ultimately defeated.

It took Peru almost a quarter-century to defeat and destroy the vicious Shining Path. At no time, however, did it manage to threaten the basic structures of the nation or, ultimately, to divert its process of democratization. In Colombia, an insurgency that dates back almost 40 years is now facing certain defeat. It took the British almost 12 years to defeat the so-called "insurgency" in Malaya which, despite massive support from China and the U.S.S.R., was doomed from the start.

The ultimate reason for terrorist movements' failure is the same that constitutes their raison d'etre: Individuals and groups choose terrorism because they know they cannot mobilize popular support.

The terrorist hopes to force history in his direction with the help of bombs and guns. He tries to substitute his will for the will of the people. While claiming to fight in the name of the people he is, in fact, excluding the people from the political process if only because "ordinary citizens" are not prepared to die, let alone kill, for abstract ideas.

History can provide great guidance for nations and people of those nations as long as we are able to filter out all the static and focus on facts of the whole picture. Not a single burning tank or humvee. We have to keep our eye on the prize. A free, democratic Iraq and Afghanistan is going to change the entire middle east. This is going to win the hearts and minds. It is a slow but steady process. Remember that America had to endure a bloody Revolution and Civil War to even begin to get things right. Democracy in the infancy stage is very delicate and needs our devotion and full support.

Kerry Needs a Suicide Watch

Link here for an excellent breakdown on the most recent polls and the internal data. Real Clear Politics has the most excellent commentary. They offer Kerry some debate advice. His options are dismal and if the commentators are correct, it may be quite a show tomorrow night. Kerry has to go for broke.

For more great commentary analyzing how bad things are for Kerry, check this out. No matter what Kerry says he will alienate about 1/3 of his base. Not a good situation.

Make-Up Please!! We Need Make-Up Over HERE!!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Check out John Kerry's silly attempt at a tan. I wonder whose idea this was? If no one is fired in the next 24 hours I guess we'll know that Teresa cooked this one up. Who could seriously vote for this absolute laughing stock? The more he tries the worse things get.

CBS is Feeling A Draft

Well CBS is at it again. Check out the link for a thorough fisking of a CBS report that drips Michael Mooronisms. CBS has gone now to the level of adopting Moore's editing and distortion techniques with outright lies and misrepresentations. Rather has absolutely lost it. Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: Look here for another awesome cartoon from Cox and Forkum. Read the story under the cartoon for more info on Democratic Draft Rumormongering.

Election Reality Check

Go here (Hat tip PoliPundit) to read a fabulous article that points out the harsh election realities to John Kerry. It really made me laugh! It includes a top ten list that even Letterman would be proud of:

In honor of Kerry's appearance on Late Night with David Letterman, I would like to list the top 10 reasons why the 2004 race for the White House is over.

10) If a simple yes will do but you insist on explaining why no is a viable alternative, the flip-flopping tag will stick

9) When the number of folks participating on conference calls for your rapid-response team exceeds the number of days left in the campaign, the calls are neither rapid nor responsive. They merely provide excuses for Nov. 2.

8) When there are more sightings of your vice presidential running mate on milk cartons than on the campaign trial, you are going to lose. Your VP choice is supposed to help win the election, not reassure the trial bar.

7) When your battleground states become the states that Walter Mondale carried in 1984, you may notice campaign staffers updating their resumes.

6) When your most loyal backer, Don Imus, is trashing you while you're still on the phone and not waiting until after you hang up, the noise you're hearing is the fat lady warming up.

5) When your friends are more effective taking you off message (i.e., the Texas Democrats, Dan Rather and Max Cleland) than your opponent, you can kiss that Nantucket White House goodbye.

4) When the Electoral College scoreboard has tilted toward your opponent after $300 million worth of negative attacks, there's not much hope for the $40 million you have left.

3) When you need to pull out every trick in the book to keep folks off the ballot, like Ralph Nader, it says two things: One, you have no confidence in your own platform and two, you're not very tolerant of others' views. Not appealing traits to swing voters.

2) When the makers of flip-flops are considering a defamation suit for spoiling their good name, it's time to take a position, any position and stick with it.

1) When your Senate Democrat leader, Tom Daschle, is cutting his losses and embracing President Bush, put a fork in your arm, John, you're done.

Now, I don't want any conservatives to quit working out there. We still have to work like we are 5 points behind, but it is nice to enjoy a little humor along the way.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kerry On Iraq: In His Own Words (1997 edition)

Here is an excellent post at Real Clear Politics that buries John Kerry. For anyone who wants to know to what extreme Kerry will take varying positions depending on his political situation needs to read this. The wonderful thing about the linked post is that no one has to take anyone else's opinion on the matter. It is completely linked to raw data, to a Kerry speech on the Senate floor in 1997. And what exactly could be in this speech you ask? What about a ringing endorsement for GWB's Iraqi War.

This speech needs major media coverage. Therefore, it may not get out of the blogosphere. Share the good word and send the truth to your friends. Especially anyone that is not up to speed on how far of the opinion spectrum Kerry is willing to travel for his own political gain.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Kerry Keeps on Dissing US Allies

Instapundit has a nice round up of Kerry acting like a horses ass. What an embarrassment to our country. Read all of it to get an idea of how low they will go.

Remember, they have no core, no soul.

Putting a Gun to Iran's Head

Check out this Cox and Forkum cartoon to understand exactly why we sent all of those bombs over to Israel. I love it ;)

Friday, September 24, 2004

Quote of the Day

"CBS News is the only news organization in the world that has a fiction department."

David Letterman, Late Show, September 24, 2004

One of the Many Reasons GWB is the BEST!!

Go here to read a pool report about Bush meeting with Iraq bound troops. He actually stalled his plane and had the other Plane of GI's to gas it so that he could meet with them. Here's a few paragraphs:

After the pool boarded Air Force One, following the president, it was observed that the Secret Service had not boarded, and we were told that the plane was "waiting." It eventually was learned that we were waiting for the arrival of a "World" airlines charter MD-11 carrying 292 Guardsmen and reservists for duty in Iraq. The plane departed from Ft. Bragg with the 30th Brigade Combat team, a guard unit from North Carolina, the 414th Transportation Batallian reserve unit from South Carolina, and the 230th Area Support Group, a guard unit from Tennessee. There seemed to be a few other units as well, such as the 150th armored cavalry, a guard unit from West Virginia. They are heading to Germany and then to Kuwait, for 18-24 months duty in Iraq. They were obviously excited to see the president, and a few confessed to being down when they had to say goodbye to their families, but they said they were boosted by the president's appearance. They were reluctant to talk about the mission in Iraq, appearing stoic about that. They were all wearing desert fatigues and filled virtually every seat on the 3-engine plane. The officers were seated in business class.

The soldiers mostly had cameras ready to take snapshots of Bush. Several requested autographs. They called out phrases such as "this is awesome." The president put a tie and suit jacket on after the rally and walked down one aisle and back up the other, offering gentle smiles and words such as "I'm proud of you" and "thank you." Pool was not close enough to hear any more than that. As he got to the rear of the plane, Sgt. Wanda Dabbs, 22, of the 230th, called out, "That's my president, hooah!" and there were cheers. At the end of the handshakes on the packed, hot plane, Bush got on the PA system from the middle galley. "I appreciate being president to such fine men and women. May God bless you all. May God keep you safe." Potus took the limo the few hundred yards between the two planes.

Wow! This is just so great. GWB makes me Proud too!

Does anyone remember what happened when Kerry tried talking to some military folk a few months ago?

I am a Security Mom!

Why do I love G.W. Bush? Because I am a security Mom. Nothing is more important to me than my family's security. And next to that, I want the free and open society that the rest of us grew up in to exists for my children. Here are a few paragraphs from the linked article:

Nothing matters more to me right now than the safety of my home and the survival of my homeland. I believe in the right to defend myself, and in America's right to defend itself against its enemies. I am a citizen of the United States, not the United Nations.

I want a president who is of one mind, not two, about what must be done to protect our freedom and our borders. I don't care about the hair on his head or the wrinkles in his forehead. I am not awed by his ability to ride a snowboard or fly a plane. Nor does it matter much to me whether his wife speaks four languages or bakes good cookies.

What I want is a commander in chief who will stop pandering to political correctness and People magazine editors, and start pandering to me. (snip)

And conservative activist Kay R. Daly, a security mom of two in Northern Virginia, warns that "A candidate who underestimates the security mom and her vote this fall may do so at his own peril. Hell hath no fury like a momma protecting her babies."

Amen. A momma protecting her babies is a powerful thing. The gender gap that the media use to harp on when the Dems were pulling the female vote, has now turned. Bush is currently pulling a lead among female voters. No one should really have to ask why. If a Mom wasn't already on board after 9/11, after this a lot more are on board.

We have a tremendous responsibility. Our founding fathers were brave and brilliant men. Some lost everything they had to found this country. Some lost their homes, fortunes, their families, and some lost their lives. After declaring our independence they fought for it and they fought hard. So we find ourselves at a time where we owe it to all the men who died for us and our liberty and we owe it to our children's future to ensure their freedoms. And yes, one day our children may be called upon to carry the same burden.

There will always be war. Get use to it. There is no utopia. As long as there is evil in this world there will be war and people are going to die and suffer. This is not my choice; I would love to live in a world where everyone love their fellow man and all the rules are fair. Nonetheless, I look around the world with crystal clear eyes. I recognize the rock-hard, cold reality of our world. Once you accept the reality of your world and drop the fantasy then it will be easier to have the needed clarity to confront our enemy.

Charles on the Aussies

A few days ago I posted on John Kerry's statements in Australia. Today Charles Krauthammer has a column out today on this same issue. As usual he is brilliant. Here are few great paragraphs, but please read the whole thing:

Of all our allies in the world, which is the only one to have joined the United States in the foxhole in every war in the past 100 years? Not Britain, not Canada, certainly not France. The answer is Australia. (snip)

The terrorists' objective is to intimidate all countries allied with America. Make them bleed and tell them this is the price they pay for being a U.S. ally. The implication is obvious: Abandon America and buy your safety.

That is what the terrorists are saying. Why is the Kerry campaign saying the same thing? "John Kerry's campaign has warned Australians that the Howard Government's support for the US in Iraq has made them a bigger target for international terrorists." So reports the Weekend Australian (Sept. 18).

Americans Overseas for Kerry is the Kerry operation for winning the crucial votes of Americans living abroad (remember the Florida recount?), including more than 100,000 who live in Australia. Its leader was interviewed Sept. 16 by The Australian's Washington correspondent, Roy Eccleston. Asked if she believed the terrorist threat to Australians was now greater because of the support for President Bush, she replied: "I would have to say that," noting that "[t]he most recent attack was on the Australian embassy in Jakarta."

She said this of her country (and of the war that Australia is helping us with in Iraq): "[W]e are endangering the Australians now by this wanton disregard for international law and multilateral channels." Mark Latham could not have said it better. Nor could Jemaah Islamiah, the al Qaeda affiliate that killed nine people in the Jakarta bombing.

This Kerry spokesman, undermining a key ally on the eve of a critical election, is no rogue political operative. She is the head of Americans Overseas for Kerry -- Diana Kerry, sister to John.(snip)

The only thing that distinguishes Kerry's Iraq proposals from Bush's is his promise to deploy his unique, near-mystical ability to bring in new allies to fight and pay for the war in Iraq -- to "make Iraq the world's responsibility" and get others to "share the burden," as he said this week at New York University.

Yet even Richard Holbrooke, a top Kerry foreign policy adviser, admits that the president of France is not going to call up President Kerry and say, "How many divisions should I send to Iraq?"

Kerry has nothing and his wreckless disregard for Americal for his own personal political gain is hurting all of us.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Self-Defeating Dems

Wow! Read the link for an excellent column that delivers a great historical context of how a candidate should conduct themselves in a Presidential campaign during a time of war. Everytime any Democrat, including the 2 Johns, go on TV or make stump speeches and calls the WoT or the Iraqi war a failure are directly encouraging the terrorists to blow people up. They are directly endangaring our troops even more. Shame on them. Shame on the Democratic party that has allowed itself to be hijacked by the Looney Left. And shame on the media. The Dems could not get away with this if the media would do its job. There are many, many good things going on in Iraq. Go here to read an insiders perspective on Iraq. Read the article to understand how far they have fallen.

UPDATE: Go here to read a very good report from Afghanistan. It is surprisingly from the New York Times

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Skinny on Cat Stevens

Go read Michelle Malkin to get the low down on Cat Stevens. Lets just say he hasn't been innocently strumming his guitar for the last 20 years or so.

A short comment. On the way to work this morning I heard 2 D-Js talking about this on the radio. They were pretty much ridiculing our government for protecting our country from the possible threat Stevens may represent. It was obvious the facts would simply get in the way of their 'critic' of the incident. They played some of his nice guitar music in the background to emphasize their point that this guy is just an old musician being victimized by the bad ole US of A. Read the article linked above to realize how absolutely misinformed people are who have access to our airways. How many people heard the ridicule this morning and assume that these guys probably are working from some sort of valid information? I pray our public is smarter than the idiots that speak out on the airways.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Left vs. Right Thinking

Dennis Prager, who I believe to be one of the greatest columnists, is at it again. Go to the link to read an impressive essay of what defines right thinking vs what defines left thinking. He makes it all clear by arguing how morality beats legality every time for those of us on the right. One of the greatest stories I've ever seen in a movie or on Broadway, Les Miserables, really exemplifies this argument put forth by Prager. If you have never seen the movie, please rent and watch it. The contrast of a man trying to live a full moral life vs. a man trying to live his life to the letter of the law is most revealing.

Fisking a Pathological Liar

I said it below, Captain's Quarters is on a role. Their most recent effort completely fisks the latest interview of Bill Burkett, self-confessed liar. You will be amazed that this incompetent man, who CBS described as "unimpeachable", duped CBS News.

Another great point, it has been speculated that CBS had all 6 memos, just had USAToday, but only ran 4 because two of the memos did not meet the 'smell test'. If CBS found 2 of the 6 memos so lacking that they left them out, this raises serious questions. This article confirms that CBS did indeed have all 6 memos. CBS's apology was severely lacking and downright dishonest. Go read the article, I highly recommend it.

WARNING: Moonbat Alert

Nick Berg's father is at it again. This man has no shame. Lets do some fisking:

["I challenge anyone deep in your hearts to realize that Kerry isn't like Bush," said Berg. "Bush is like Saddam Hussein. Bush condones rape and murder, and does it with a wink of an eye. Bush says he does it in the name of economic policy.]

I'm sorry, where exactly did Bush do this? Can someone provide me with one shred of reporting to support this statement. However, I do agree with Berg on the matter that "Kerry isn't like Bush". You better believe it! GWB has a soul. He believes it is honorable and good to bring freedom to 20 million people. Bush has something called 'perspective'. John Kerry is an empty vessel.

["John Kerry decried rape, murder and genocide while he was in Vietnam. If you think John Kerry will end this war too soon, I say 'too soon for what?' It'll save our sons and daughters.]

John Kerry falsly accused his fellow soldiers of these crimes sir. He has recanted those statements. Oh yeah, for the last time, our armed forces is composed of ADULTS who freely joined the service to fight for their beliefs. Get off the M.Moore talking points already. It highly offends the very 'sons and daughters' you are referring to.

[During a question and answer session, one audience member asked Berg about the difference in political views between him and his son.

"My son and I didn't see eye to eye on the war," said Berg. "He supported Bush, and he did live in Texas briefly. It must've been something in the water. Anyway, he was in Iraq supporting the policies of Bush.]

Ah yes, just before you use your son's murder as a political prop, demean his life decisions. Thats a good A.N.S.W.E.R. father, I guess.

["We disagreed on politics. He'd give me these looks, and he'd say, 'You know I don't agree with you, but I respect you in making your beliefs known.' We respected each other's rights as activists.]

I wonder what Nick would think of his father using his horrible murder for a political advantage? A political viewpoint that was the direct opposite of Nick Berg's. How lacking can a parent be to knowingly use your child's death to pursue a cause that is in direct conflict in the belief system of the deceased? This one is a no-brainer.

[I still think of him as a child, but he was a man. You don't change a man's mind when he thinks he's right."]

So why is he trying to change our minds? I know I'm right.

Monday, September 20, 2004

The Anti-Moore Movie

You must watch this. It is a movie trailer for a new film coming out in September. It is an AMAZING video clip and left me speechless. I will definetly see this movie; if you can find it in RI.
(Hat Tip to my fellow NE conservative Sean)

Also, if you find the clip compelling, please take the time to e-mail it to all of your friends. Word of mouth can make this a success. I actually recognized alot of the footage in the clip. I have seen it before, in parts, from one of the most inspiring sites I have discovered. It is linked on the left, Protest Warrior. These are brave, brave people. Explore and read every story on the site, it will inspire you. I'm a member myself. Support these efforts, they are DOING what we would all like to do.

Electoral Count Update

Go here to make yourself just giddy over the newest electoral college update. I love Jay Reding's Blog. A daily must read.

Heh heh heh...Click here for another Cox and Forkum cartoon. They are spoiling me lately, they're putting new cartoons out pretty frequently these days. I likey very much!


This story from USA Today investigates 'inappropriate contacts' between CBS and senior officials of the DNC. Here's a couple of graphs:

[Burkett told USA TODAY that he had agreed to turn over the documents to CBS if the network would help arrange a conversation with the Kerry campaign.

The network's effort to place Burkett in contact with a top Democratic official raises ethical questions about CBS' handling of material potentially damaging to the Republican president in the midst of an election. This "poses a real danger to the potential credibility of a news organization," said Aly Colón, a news ethicist at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies.]

All I'm saying for now is that this is gonna get gooood! I think Mapes is definitely headed toward the sword for CBS, but she shouldn't be alone.

Kerry Going 'Down Under'

John Kerry repeatedly criticizes GWB for his failure to build effective coalitions for the War on Terror. He even claims that he'll do a better job. How can this be when he minimizes all efforts put forth by other countries? Since when is the UK, Australia, Italy and Poland window dressing? This rhetoric makes as much sense as Kerry running on the Vietnam War. Could he stoop any lower? You better believe it.

John Kerry has sent his sister on a worldwide tour to register overseas voters. Guess what she's up to in Australia. Check out these 2 paragraphs:

"Diana Kerry, younger sister of the Democrat presidential candidate, told The Weekend Australian that the Bali bombing and the recent attack on the Australian embassy in Jakarta clearly showed the danger to Australians had increased.

"Australia has kept faith with the US and we are endangering the Australians now by this wanton disregard for international law and multilateral channels," she said, referring to the invasion of Iraq."

Don't forget the little fact that the Bali bombings occured in October of 2002, before the Iraq War. A bumber sticker for all the peace hippies: We Gave Peace a Chance: 3000 died.

First off, the obvious. What in the hell do these people think they're doing?? To actively undermine the US's relationship with one of our greatest allies during War is treasonous. Plain and simple. And don't forget that the Aussies go to the polls in October. The Kerry camp is not just messing w/ one of our allies, but is meddling in their election. I say pull the passport!

And by the way, in the 2nd graph, did you catch it? The "..and multilateral channels,". So which is it Kerry camp, can Bush build a coalition or not?? I'm getting dizzy with all of the 180's.

Secondly, how enormously self-centered must one be to come to this? Has John Kerry no shame? Where exactly does love of country come into his equation? From his actions immediately after Vietnam to this situation, I believe John Kerry would sell his own mother for political gain. This is madness. The man has no core, no soul. In the end, this is why Bush will ultimately win. Most even headed people can spot a hot-air phoney & they don't like it. People know that GWB has firm beliefs. Something you can see, feel and hear. Agree or Disagree with GWB, few people argue that he has deep beliefs. He is no phoney, but the real deal.

So how does the PM of Australia react to all of this? He proposes his own preemptive plan for terrorists! GO John Howard!! Pray this man is re-elected in October. Australia is very good, strong ally and NO ONE should belittle their cooperation with the Great USA.

And where is this in the media?? This should be the top story.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

A Beautiful Day

Today was incredible here in Providence. I actually got the boys off to Church by myself and then a little shopping. The boys actually do pretty well these days in the stores. After a run on the Boulevard the 4 of us were off for ice-cream and then the park. A very full day! Josh loves playing board games and is in love with Monopoly Jr.

Check out this cartoon from my favorite, Cox and Forkum again!

Also, check out my link list on the left. I finally figured it out!! Too bad I'm not more of a computer geek...a little at a time!!

Our Enemy: France

Captain's Quarters is on a role. They have a revealing post w/ a link to an article about how France set up those forged documents about Niger doing business w/ Iraq. You know, the documents that that proven liar Joe Wilson used to undermine his own country in a time of war and to gain fame. France is not our friend, they are actively working against us at a time we are fighting for our security and liberties. I will boycott all things french and will never travel again to France until Chirac is gone and there is vivid evidence that France is once again on our side.

Danger: Redneck Fury

Click here to read a funny Texan rant. It will make your day.

Islamic Discipline

What the hell is wrong with these people!!?? It is time to drop the political correctness around this issue and call a spade a spade. Evil is the only word I can come up with for any type of explanation. Between Russian school massacres, hanging 16 year-old girls, to THIS!!!

Muslims better wake up and start making fundamental change and start condeming this sort of thing or their so-called religion will continue to lose any more 'polite' regard the rest of the population may still feel toward this madness.

Bush's Pitch

I woke up this morning to an email from the Bush campaign promoting this video. Please go and watch it. HBO has made a movie about the Yankees in the World series immediately after 9/11. I canceled my HBO months ago due to the trash they put out, but this is worthy of a look. The clip is from the movie, and I could only get the audio. I can't imagine it w/ the video, the audio alone brought tears to my eyes.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Why We Have To Fight

Here is a profound post. Sparingly will I use the word profound & this post is worthy. Varifrank discusses why it is vital to our way of life and very survival that we are successful in Iraq.

I overheard a conversation the other day. A very young person (18-19ish) starts saying how she and her mother got into another argument over Kerry and the Iraqi war. She was trying to make the point to her mother that if one of her sons or nephews was in Iraq that she would feel differently about the war. Her mother held her ground with this Mooronish argument. This co-worker of mine then went on to role her eyes and say "you know it is 2004, it's time to find some other way to solve problems."

This idiocy is just too much for me. Some People apparently do not understand that thousands (millions??) of horrible human beings would love nothing more to slit our throats just for who we are. Read the link above. This guy does a brilliant job of laying it all out. I agree 100%! So go forth and let sane clarity set you free. Too bad the people who really need to understand will never see it.

Koffi is an Idiot

Koffi Annan needs a new address. The sooner the better. I really don't think the UN has any purpose whatsoever. The UN's presence on American soil is an outrage. As they are sitting by allowing the 2nd genocide in 10 years, after vowing 'never again', Annan actually has the gall to try to undermine GWB. Bush had the courage to make the tough decisions and act on them. Bush has the resolve to see things through to the end. Annan is not qualified to shine Bush's shoes.

Maybe the UN needs to move their headquarters to the Sudan.

Five Years of Research???

Click here to see a side by side comparison of a real Bush TANG document to what CBS got their hands on. It is beyond laughable. CBS was not fooled. They were either intentional in their actions or were clearly blinded by their partisan hatred of GWB. CBS has stated that Mary Mapes, the producer of the original 60 Minutes segment, has been researching this story for FIVE years. Big brained persons of the blogoshere brought this story down in a few HOURS. Case Closed.

Today's Must Reads

Mark Steyn goes after Rather and CBS
Kerry's Cast of Thousands
LGF's on Bloggers role in Rathergate
Jay Reding talks about support from UK

Check out NPR's 'swing voter'

Click here to read a post about NPR's supposed swing voter interview. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I were in control of the Federal Budget, the very 1st items on the chopping block would be NPR and PBS. And I would not lose a single wink of sleep. I would actually have a slight grin on my face as I slept. Since we're at it, the next item on the ole block would then be any public funding of museums or artists. This way there would never be another controversy when a sicko 'artist' wants to have an exhibit of crosses in urine, etc.... Now I'm ranting. I'll stop there.

When is the media going to realize they can't get away w/ this mess anymore?? Either they are really dumb or they think that all of us are really dumb. I say let them keep walking in CBS's footsteps. The media needs to fall to the ground so that the rebuilding can begin. A fundamental element to a free democracy is a free and honest press. Some of the press now engage in propaganda. I guess they have taken lessons from Michael Moore's success. America deserves better and God knows, our soldiers have died for better.

UPDATE: Scroll down when you link to the post to find an excellent dissection of the latest polls.

Word from Iraq

Click here to read a letter from a Major in Iraq. A lot of military guys are very upset with the MSM coverage of Iraq. No one has to take the media's word for anything, especially Iraq. Honor this marine and read his letter.

If you are curious how Iraqis feel about things, check out this blogger. He writes amazing posts, but you can tell English is not his first language.

Links are fixed!

If you tried a link yesterday & it wouldn't go, try again. I have fixed all the links in previous posts.
Sorry for the error.

Friday, September 17, 2004


This story is a long, difficult read. However, for the record, Saddam was in bed with Osama or vice versa. However you want to think about it.

The Oil for Food UNScam is huge. It was big the day it broke and is getting bigger. I don't think alot of people truly understand that alot of countries worked against us in the Iraqi War because Saddam was buying them off. This story has been neglected by the MSM. Why you ask? Because this bogus line of the US's standing in the world is a Dean/Democratic talking point. So the MSM is never going to undercut the issue. The problem of course is that the MSM exists in their very own bubble. They have no concept that most Americans, that live and operate in the real world, could not give a flip what the French/Germans/Russians think of us taking care of our business.

Hopefully, after the election this incredible story will get the coverage it demands.

BREAKING NEWS-TANG Story is Now Null & Void

Click the link above and read the entire post. ABC just destroyed whatever Dan thought he was hanging on to. I agree w/ the post, forget Dan retiring; he and Heyward need to be fired.

This story is not going away. It will be very interesting to see what happens here.

Those Swift Vets are MoveOn right along

Look here to see the new SwiftVet ad. This one is really good. Though I think the best one still is the 2nd one released with JF'nK testifying to the Senate. I really got a kick out of this one though. As I watched it I thought of Michael Moore and his editing tricks. Oh how the blade cuts both ways.

If you are inclined to do so, drop the Swifties a few bucks to keep the effort alive and kicking. They have no George Soross' to give gazillions of dollars to them.

Media Round-Up at the National Guard

Here is a link to a great round-up on how differently the media outlets perceived Bush's vs Kerry's audience response when they addressed the National Guard on different days. Make no mistake, the AP can not be trusted. They continuously lie about Bush. Yes, I said lie. And no, I do not believe that I am over exaggerating. This is the same media group that lied last week when they reported that the crowd booed at a Bush rally when the president asked for prayers for Clinton's heart surgery. They later were forced to retract the story. Of course several news outlets had already picked up the outright lie. The AP reporter traveling w/ Bush has reportedly said that he wants to do everything he can to help Kerry win. Most newspapers and even websites such as pick up these AP reports and uses them.

Media credibility is eroding every day due to activist journalist who try to disguise themselves as objective. Again, more dust for hateful liberals.

Character Matters

This report is a good summation of a guy that alot of news outlets now believe is the likely 'source' for the CBS memos.

Now in case some don't know: It looks like practically every person that is attached to this story has been completely discredited or has completely recanted their statements. Except for, oh yea, the wife and son of this poor Col Killian. I can not imagine what this family must be going through. Their loved one has been gone for almost 20 years and now CBS has put this man in the national spotlight trying to put words in his mouth. The wife and son have stated that Killian liked and admired Bush and that these memos were fake, including their CONTENT! And in case you didn't know, they told this to CBS BEFORE the 60 Minutes piece aired. How's that for balanced journalism. To date CBS has yet to acknowledge this gaping hole in their story. If I were in the Killian family, Dan Rather and CBS would already be named as defendents on some court papers. The Killian family is the only victim here and CBS has had complete disregard for them. Bush should be writing CBS a thank you note. See Gallup poll below.

Notice folks, everything the hateful left touches or says turns to dust. I believe there is a profound reason for this. Something much bigger and greater than all of us.

Dems Behaving Badly

This photo is all over the Blogosphere. Take a look at it and the story. When people start terrorizing 3-year olds who don't agree with them over politics, it is time to seek counseling. Notice the T-shirts on the people around the little girl. People who would engage in this behavior is among the lowest lifeforms.

UPDATE: For fairness here is a link to the Union leadership denouncing the actions of the people in the photo.

Charles explains the Whole Flip-Flopping mess!

Charles Krauthammer is simply the best. His column is a weekly must read & one more reason to look forward to Fridays. In the article linked above he decsribes all of Kerry's quotes on the Iraq war along with the numerous inconsistencies. Here are a few of my favorite paragraphs, but please go read the whole thing.

"How did Kerry get to this point of total meltdown? He started out his political career voting his conscience on national security issues. During the 1980s he was a consistent, dovish liberal Democrat: pro-nuclear freeze, anti-Star Wars, against the Reagan defense buildup, against the war in Nicaragua. And then he joined the overwhelming majority of his party in voting against the Persian Gulf War.

That turned out to be a mistake. And Kerry suffered for it. The very next year he had to watch as Al Gore, who got the Gulf War right, was chosen for the 1992 Democratic ticket, a spot for which Kerry had been on the short list.

Kerry learned his political lesson. Or thought he did. So when the Iraq war came around, he did not want to be caught on the wrong side of another success. He voted yes.

But then things went wrong both for the war and for him. What did he do? With Howard Dean rocketing toward the Democratic nomination, Kerry played to his deeply antiwar party by voting against the $87 billion to fund the occupation.

Two months later, with Saddam Hussein caught and the war looking better, Kerry maneuvered again, slamming Dean with: "Those who doubted whether Iraq or the world would be better off without Saddam Hussein, and those who believe today that we are not safer with his capture, don't have the judgment to be president or the credibility to be elected president."

Kerry is now back to the "wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time," a line lifted from Dean himself. So we are not better off with Hussein deposed after all."

Looney Rooney More Sane than Dan

Even Andy Rooney can't believe Dan is holding out on the truth. When Rooney, who I consider to be a hater of just about everybody, can come up with the sane answer it is time for Dan to take a long look in the mirror.

"CBS curmudgeon Andy Rooney indicated yesterday he believes the controversial documents on President Bush's National Guard service are fake and said it could cost Dan Rather down the road.

"I'm surprised at their reluctance to concede they're wrong," Rooney said, referring to CBS brass.

Despite praising Rather as "a good, honest newsman," Rooney added, "I'm unsure if they're whistling in the dark instead of apologizing.""

tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock

Thursday, September 16, 2004

New Gallup Poll

This website keeps up with all the latest polls so bookmark them!

Drumroll Please>>>>Gallup to release a new poll on Friday Bush 54 Kerry 40 Nader 4. Will have to wait and see what the internal numbers are to get a better grasp of what is going on. This is HUGE. Even if it is really around 7-8 points. Kerry is so desparate that he has Teddy Boy out campaigning for him. There is also a poll out of NJ showing Bush +4.

Don't start celebrating yet. We all have to keep working to election day. Get all of your conservative friends out on election day. No one sits home that day. The Dems need to be creamed. This country will benefit greatly with 2 competitive parties and the Dems have been overtaken w/ the looney left. The Michael Moorons and Barbara Streisand's, etc, etc need to be marginalized far out of the way. When I read the real JFK's speeches it boggles my mind that he was a Democrat. I was a kid when I heard Ronald Reagan say that he did not leave the Democratic party, but it left him. Back then those words had no meaning. Now I know.

UPDATE: USA Today/Gallup Poll story here. click to read the story.

Druggies doing Capitalism

The link above is about a Moonbat Harvard Doctor who would like for our overly efficient Federal Government to take control of our Drug industry. These are the same people who came up with the silly Food Pyramid.

Hillary-Care or Kerry-Care...Do those phases scare the crap out of you?? They should. Socialized healthcare will be a disaster for this country if it ever gets enacted. Don't ever be fooled. It will SUCK. Sorry for the language but in this case, it is necessary. Canada's Health Care system is a Catagory 5 Hurricane. It is ILLEGAL in Canada to even spend your private funds to pay for healthcare even if you wanted to. It is also illegal for a MD to deliver medical care for private funds. Imagine your loved one after waiting 5-6 weeks for an appointment w/ MD and then being told that the Heart surgery waiting list is about another 5-6 weeks.

Think about it: We already have socialized education in this country & it is inefficient and a disaster. Imagine how well our goverment would do w/ healthcare.....

(Hat tip to fellow conservative lost in NE)

"I Report, You Accept"

Go and see this great cartoon from Cox and Forkum. They have the most outstanding editorial cartoons I've ever run across. They have dealt Danny Boy his lead role in a cartoon for a 3rd time this past week.


Wow! That's all that I can say about this important piece of work. I try to read everything that John Podhoretz of the NY Post writes. runs his columns. You should try to catch all of his stuff.

The WWIV piece gives an extraordinary historical perspective of WWII to Vietnam to Iraq. If your were too young when Vietnam was going on to understand it, you need to read this. I was too young. My only impressions of Vietnam came from Movies. If anything, JF'nK running for president has revealed to me some of the true history of what happened. Boy have my impressions of that time period changed. GWB's doctrine of the War on Terror is described in detail. READ THIS ARTICLE. This is mandatory reading. It is very long, so print it, put it in your bathroom and get through it! You will be glad that you did.

WOW...Now I've made it!!!!

My first choice for a name was WannaBePundit. It was already taken. I thought of it as I was watching Chris Matthews on TV. He looked like he had just bitten into a lemon. I figure all journalist must be feeling pretty nauseated after the past week. So when I saw his face one word jumped into my mind 'Wanna Be'. Oh well.

I have to be honest. I'VE BEEN LAUGHING MY A$$ OFF!!!!!! I feel kind've guilty feeling that way, deep down I know that it is fundamentaly wrong to want to kick a dog when it is down.....But I gotta say, It feels GOOOOOD! It has been a long time coming. Dan Blather looks like he is still in shock that the peasants actually had the gall to question his 'reporting'. Well the revolution has started & I don't see it slowing down. Big Media is now on notice, so what better time to start blogging!

I hope you enjoy and check back often. Let me know what you think. I plan on doing movie reviews, political talk & some professional posting as well.