Thursday, September 16, 2004

Druggies doing Capitalism

The link above is about a Moonbat Harvard Doctor who would like for our overly efficient Federal Government to take control of our Drug industry. These are the same people who came up with the silly Food Pyramid.

Hillary-Care or Kerry-Care...Do those phases scare the crap out of you?? They should. Socialized healthcare will be a disaster for this country if it ever gets enacted. Don't ever be fooled. It will SUCK. Sorry for the language but in this case, it is necessary. Canada's Health Care system is a Catagory 5 Hurricane. It is ILLEGAL in Canada to even spend your private funds to pay for healthcare even if you wanted to. It is also illegal for a MD to deliver medical care for private funds. Imagine your loved one after waiting 5-6 weeks for an appointment w/ MD and then being told that the Heart surgery waiting list is about another 5-6 weeks.

Think about it: We already have socialized education in this country & it is inefficient and a disaster. Imagine how well our goverment would do w/ healthcare.....

(Hat tip to fellow conservative lost in NE)