Friday, September 17, 2004

Media Round-Up at the National Guard

Here is a link to a great round-up on how differently the media outlets perceived Bush's vs Kerry's audience response when they addressed the National Guard on different days. Make no mistake, the AP can not be trusted. They continuously lie about Bush. Yes, I said lie. And no, I do not believe that I am over exaggerating. This is the same media group that lied last week when they reported that the crowd booed at a Bush rally when the president asked for prayers for Clinton's heart surgery. They later were forced to retract the story. Of course several news outlets had already picked up the outright lie. The AP reporter traveling w/ Bush has reportedly said that he wants to do everything he can to help Kerry win. Most newspapers and even websites such as pick up these AP reports and uses them.

Media credibility is eroding every day due to activist journalist who try to disguise themselves as objective. Again, more dust for hateful liberals.