Friday, September 17, 2004

Character Matters

This report is a good summation of a guy that alot of news outlets now believe is the likely 'source' for the CBS memos.

Now in case some don't know: It looks like practically every person that is attached to this story has been completely discredited or has completely recanted their statements. Except for, oh yea, the wife and son of this poor Col Killian. I can not imagine what this family must be going through. Their loved one has been gone for almost 20 years and now CBS has put this man in the national spotlight trying to put words in his mouth. The wife and son have stated that Killian liked and admired Bush and that these memos were fake, including their CONTENT! And in case you didn't know, they told this to CBS BEFORE the 60 Minutes piece aired. How's that for balanced journalism. To date CBS has yet to acknowledge this gaping hole in their story. If I were in the Killian family, Dan Rather and CBS would already be named as defendents on some court papers. The Killian family is the only victim here and CBS has had complete disregard for them. Bush should be writing CBS a thank you note. See Gallup poll below.

Notice folks, everything the hateful left touches or says turns to dust. I believe there is a profound reason for this. Something much bigger and greater than all of us.