Thursday, September 16, 2004

New Gallup Poll

This website keeps up with all the latest polls so bookmark them!

Drumroll Please>>>>Gallup to release a new poll on Friday Bush 54 Kerry 40 Nader 4. Will have to wait and see what the internal numbers are to get a better grasp of what is going on. This is HUGE. Even if it is really around 7-8 points. Kerry is so desparate that he has Teddy Boy out campaigning for him. There is also a poll out of NJ showing Bush +4.

Don't start celebrating yet. We all have to keep working to election day. Get all of your conservative friends out on election day. No one sits home that day. The Dems need to be creamed. This country will benefit greatly with 2 competitive parties and the Dems have been overtaken w/ the looney left. The Michael Moorons and Barbara Streisand's, etc, etc need to be marginalized far out of the way. When I read the real JFK's speeches it boggles my mind that he was a Democrat. I was a kid when I heard Ronald Reagan say that he did not leave the Democratic party, but it left him. Back then those words had no meaning. Now I know.

UPDATE: USA Today/Gallup Poll story here. click to read the story.