Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Democracy Creeping into Syria ??

In today's National Review Online, Nir Boms describes the emergence of a strong democratic opposition to Bashar al-Assad and the Baathists in Syria.
The Syrian opposition, a term that was a misnomer just two years ago, now has over 20 visible outlets with an increasing number of political activists who meet regularly inside and outside Syria. The Syrian Democratic Coalition - a dynamic group of ten Syrian opposition organizations led by Farid Ghadry - held a recent conference in Paris with representatives from political parties, human-rights organizations, tribes, and religious groups.
The genie is out of the bottle.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Zarqawi's Last Stand ??

Abu Mus'aab al Zarqawi is having a bad week. This weekend rumors arose that he may have been killed ( excuse me; blew himself up ) by U. S. forces in Mosul, Iraq. This remains to be determined pending DNA analysis. But even if he is still amongst the living; as Walid Phares points out in ; his days may be numbered. Over 200,000 in Jordan came out to protest Zarqawi and Al Qaeda. Keep your eye on the ball people. Since the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq the following has taken place: Libya has turned in its nuclear components ( of course the U.N. had no idea Libya even had a nuclear program ); the Syrian Bathists have been purged from Lebanon inspiring a Cedar democratic revolution; Iran is surrounded by U.S. soldiers and our military intelligence; constitutions that are at least somewhat respective of human rights have been crafted in Afghanistan and Iraq; the A.Q.Khan nuclear network has been exposed and stopped; the corrupt Oil for Food program which was helping Saddam get rid of sanctions and lining his pockets while depriving his needy citizens of food and medicine has been revealed to the world; a Hashemite democratic revolution is now beginning in Jordan bringing along with it a condemnation of Zarqawi and Al Qaeda; and according to leading Middle Eastern experts the buzz in the region is excitement about Democracy! Do we really want to cut and run now?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Homework: Pretend to be Muslim

Stop the ACLU has an infuriating post up on the Ninth Circuit protecting the right of Public schools to indoctrintate our children to the Muslim faith. The judges didn't even bother to issue a written statement, as long as it's not christianity, then bring it on.

Basically, it boils down to "Christians, shut up and don't dare breath Jesus's name, and by the way, why aren't you reciting your Koran verses? It's time for World history isn't it??"

As we prepare to endure our school's "Winter Holiday" this really makes me mad.

And don't think it can't happen at your school. I live in the bible belt in Northern Louisiana and have already experienced a similar situation. I went to pick my six year old up from school the other week and walked into a group of muslims explaining to a group of children, my child included, about Ramadan. I about threw a fit and jerked my child out of the group. I asked the speaker if they had covered honor killings or the oppression of women yet.

She tried to calm me down by explaining that they were only discussing fasting.

It's lying by omission folks. If you can't tell the whole story and truth then stay the hell away from my child.

If you are Christian, I challenge you this Christmas season to not be like Peter when he denied Christ; Say MERRY CHRISTMAS for the next 5 weeks. Because any other way means you've allowed the PC propaganda to infiltrate your brain. Clean it out and don't deny the reason for the season!

Link found via Ace of Spades.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Flip-Flopping Democrats!!

Disgusting hypocrites!!! Want proof? It's right here.

Hitch Says it All

If you, by chance, need a reminder or a fresh way to battle the "Bush Lied, People Died" brigade, Christopher Hitchens has a treat for you. It is great, top to bottom.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Australian Wisdom

John Howard is a very smart man.
PRIME Minister John Howard last night refused to back a multicultural Australia saying he preferred a cohesive, integrated society.

Asked if he liked the word "multiculturalism", Mr Howard said: "No, not particularly.
"Different people have different versions of what it means," he said.

"I'm in favour of drawing people from everywhere and when they come to this country I'm in favour of them becoming Australian."

Mr Howard said it was up to Australians to make immigrants feel welcome but newcomers had a responsibility to embrace their new home.

"It's their responsibility and particularly the responsibility of their leaders to encourage that process of integration," he told Channel 9's 60 Minutes.

Nothing much to add other than a link to an old post of mine detailing my personal dealings with a school hiding their true intentions behind the word multicultural.

It has become a truly devastating policy not only to immigrants to foreign lands, but to those countries that have taken them in.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Alan Alda Defends The Conservative Agenda

The joke amongst conservatives about NBC's West Wing is that it should be named the Left Wing, due to its consistent bias toward liberal arguements in their weekly White House fictional drama. Despite this, I find myself drawn to the show because each week it does deal with real world issues. Once in a great, great while they do give a fair shake to the conservative perspective. For example, in one episode the Mayor of Wash. D.C. made a compelling personal appeal to Pres. Bartlett to break with his Party and the teacher's union to allow a pilot vouchers program for students in his impoverished city. Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between with conservative ideas being either ignored or( even worse !) disingenuously caricatured.

It was, therefore, with great trepidation that I watched Sunday night's live presentation of The West Wing which featured a one-hour debate between the Democratic candidate ( Jimmy Smits ) and his Repubican counterpart ( Alan Alda ). I grimaced when the first question dealt with illegal immigration and Alda's character presented the conservative arguement like the DNC would have. I hung in there, though, and was rewarded with a defense of conservative political positions on issues from foreign aid to energy policy that was more compelling than what comes out of The White House these days. Alan Alda was spectacular!!!! Russell Roberts of the conservative blog site Cafe Hayek agrees. Read his posting!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Ronald Reagan Elected President 25 Years Ago Today !!

The great Ronald Reagan was first elected President of The United States of America 25 years ago today!! Let's not forget his priceless contribution to our great nation. James Pinkerton reviews his economic genius today. Read it and spread the good word!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

News Distortion - New York Times Style

Michelle Malkin's piece on a grossly distorted article in the New York Times is enough to make anyone sick. The Times twists the words of a U.S. soldier who was killed in Iraq to make it seem that he thought his mission was senseless. His uncle sent the complete letter to Michelle Malkin. His complete thoughts reflected feelings that are totally contrary to what the scandalous N.Y.Times conveyed. Read the account on an empty stomach.

Guardsmen Talking Truth in Iraq

National Review has a nice link to an interview granted to CNN by two Kentucky National Guardsmen who just returned from Iraq that offer a very positive commentary on a mission that they see as being successful. Check it Out!

Liar ! Liar ! Pants On Fire !!

Read Max Boot's piece in The Los Angeles Times and decide for yourself who the real liar is in the Joe Wilson case. Were the American people allowed to know the real story behind Wilson's coup d'etat ?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Debate The Country Needs

George Will's piece concerning the nomination of Samuel Alito to serve on The Supreme Court is a must read. The apparent beauty of Judge Alito is that he strives to let those issues that are not constitutionally mandated, be determined by the American people. Alleluia!!!!!!