Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gay Books and Your Child

Ace has a story about a Massachusetts teacher reading a fairy tale to a group of 20 seven year olds.

Nothing makes me more angry! I recently spent 2 years in Providence, RI - essentially a suburb of Boston - and I came dangerously close to unwittingly placing my child into this very same situation. My story can be read here: Charter School Perversion.

There is an overt push to normalize homosexual lifestyles to all ages of children. My son was 5 when he was nearly placed in the same scenario. My only clue was the use of the word "Multiculturalism" in the school's mission statement. If you think that that word simply means learning about other's cultures and 'getting along' you are way too naive.

It means much, much more.

And to get a bit off topic, it is the number one weapon we hand the terrorists to infiltrate our democracies and communities. We are open and welcoming to them; they take advantage of our freedoms to plot their Jihad.

Please read my story, and know that it can happen to you as well.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Louisiana Shout Out

Okay, so now it's a reoccurring theme: "Shout outs" that is.

Seems as though an old post of mine is getting quite a bit of attention from lots of home folk here in Louisiana and corporate types in Texas.

I just thought I'd officially say welcome.

Blogging is a beautiful thing.

Are you ready to put me on your payroll yet? Imagine what I could do if I actually had a few minutes a day to devote to exposing the truth.

S.A. Shout Out

I know that I've been away for a while, but recently in San Antonio for Easter Weekend, I promised some great friends that I'd give 'em a shout out from the net.

It was just wonderful to see Anthony and Lezli with their beautiful little one (and another one about to arrive any moment) at Church - My how we missed our church while we were in RI. We just wish we would've had much more time to visit.

Seeing our old pastor preach and visiting with Pastor Fridge and his lovely wife, Sharon, was like old times for sure. My boys were begging to move to Texas by the time we were rolling out of town after just a few days.

We'll be back soon, friends.

Shamu is some powerful whale!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

On Leakgate, The Washington Post Sides With......Bush!!

Check out Newsmax's account of today's Washington Post editorial that outlines and sides with President Bush on the entire Leakgate affair!!! How 'bout them apples!