Thursday, November 11, 2004

Charter School Perversion

My son is 5 years old, and this Fall we took our first steps into the public school system. Something I have been dreading since my son was born. Growing up, my family had one battle after another with the educational system. Not all, but many teachers were lazy or just plain incompetent.

Needless to say, when my last sibling graduated from High School my mother was overjoyed. Now I am just beginning to face these same challenges. I've often thought about writing about my initial experience with the public school system, but have held off. However, earlier, I was looking around La Shawn Barber's Corner earlier and ran across this post, and decided that I should post on my experience.

This past summer my child was enrolled in summer camp at the YMCA. As I was picking him up one afternoon, I was approached by a lady, Sarah, about enrolling my child into a new Charter School. They were going to have this wonderful new curriculum, all masters-level teachers, uniforms, and kindergarten was going to last all day. The regular public school only offered a 2 1/2 hour/day kindergarten. It all looked very attractive and I took the flyer home with me to think about it. When I read their mission statement later, one word jumped out at me setting off my mommy-radar. The word: Multiculturalism.

This would only alarm a political junkie, for most people this is a very innocent word. They would believe that this would only indicate that their child was going to learn about people from different countries and maybe even pick up a little Spanish. Right? Well most of you probably know that this is not a good sign. At this point, I sought advice from a school teacher that I know personally. She knew nothing of this new school, but encouraged me to give it a try. The thought was 1) It's just Kindergarten! and 2) if you don't like it, pull him out and put him into the regular public school. So I thought, what the heck! I shoved that beeping radar aside and filled out the paper work and took my son in for his pre-entry interview.

Well, it wasn't just my son that was being interviewed, I was as well. Everything was going beautifully and my son was passing their pre-testing with flying colors. I had answered all the pertinent questions...and then there was time to kill, my son was not yet done. Sarah was around my age, if not younger, and we started talking. Feeling very comfortable, I told her that at first I had some reservations about the school, and then went on to tell her how the word 'multicultural' had made me nervous. And then I said something like this:
You know, I don't mind if my son learns about people from different countries, I just don't want to see him coming home from school with a book titled "Susie Has Two Mommies".
Sarah said nothing to me about this sentiment, and my son and I left thinking we would be starting school soon.

About 2 days later Sarah called me at home and told me that my son and I would not be a 'good fit' for the school. She never told me that I could not send my child there, she just kept repeating the line of 'not a good fit'. It doesn't take much to infer what message she was sending. Well I confronted her on why this was, and she went on to tell me that there would be books like "Susie has Two Mommies" coming home with my son. Desperate to just have my child in school, I said well he will only be there for Kindergarten and surely it will not be an issue for Kindergartners. She then went on to assure me that is definetely was part of the curriculum for my son's age group.

Needless to say, my child is enjoying a 2 1/2 hour/day public school kindergarten.

There are many infuriating points to consider here. First off: That school is being funded with federal and state tax dollars! No one can tell you that you and your child are not a good fit! I confronted the director on this point and she agreed.

Next, how often are parents lectured on restricting television and movies for their children by child experts? I have worked very hard to minimize the TV time, and what they do watch is commercial-free educational programs. My 5-year old has no idea that heterosexual sex exists, much less homosexual sex. It is disgusting that these 'educators' have an agenda to normalize homosexual lifestyles to 5 year old children.

So how were my objections to this obvious perversion in my child's educational plan received you ask? Well of course, up here in the highly secular and liberal New England, they offered an incredulous response. To them, I was being a bigot, or a 'hick' to have these views. I tried explaining that I would never condone hate or violence toward any group, but as a parent, it was up to me to explain these situations when they present themselves. I was furious to realize that at this particular school, I would be powerless to prevent my child from being exposed to what I consider inappropriate subject matter (at the least) for his tender age of 5.

If you've read my bio on the side-bar, you know that my family will be moving soon. End of June of '05 to be exact. And when we do, it will be my mission, wherever we go, to be completely involved in my child's school, to monitor their every move. And if I can't stop it, then I will be removing my child completely from the public school system (along with my federal dollars) and enroll my child in a private school. At that point I will be able to afford any school that I choose, and will if necessary.

Which brings me to my last point. Another angle to this situation that really angered me, was how many parents have no idea what is being taught to their 5 year olds in that school? The charter school was recruiting children from a large area, and most of those children were going to be from poor families. Many of these parents won't have the options that I will have. But not only that, unless the word 'multicultural' drew their attention, they probably had no idea that normalizing homosexual life styles were going to be part of their child's education.

Look here for more on this issue on the internet.
Or here. And a quote:
One teacher from the district commented that Kindergarten is the best place to begin instructing students on gay issues. Another teacher suggested that the district was backward in supposedly taking a neutral stance on homosexuality.

It was at the workshop that Osterberg learned that an organization known as the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is the driving force behind the aggressive agenda to see the “safe school” homosexual philosophy implemented in K-12 public schools in Minnesota.

And check this out:
The homosexual community, having anecdotal evidence to support their claim to widespread homophobia, immediately adopts resolutions and works to pass legislation that teaches homosexuality in public schools.

Yet, it goes much further than that. Homosexuality is not only taught in public schools, it is portrayed as an acceptable lifestyle and act – and those who believe it is a sin are homophobic hate-mongers.


If the word "religion" was behind the homosexual lifestyle, there would be a huge public outcry, forcing the prohibition of homosexuality in public schools. However, there is no public outcry because homosexuality is not a religion, although it is objectionable to many parents of faith around the country.

America is filled with a war of words. Doublespeak, disinformation and propaganda are an epidemic in the political and cultural world of America. The unfortunate aspect of this particular case is that unaware and innocent children are losing from it.

The so-called "hate-crime prevention" programs in schools are an excuse for promoting homosexuality and just another way to force the homosexual agenda into the open. Under the name of "tolerance, school safety and multiculturalism," children are being indoctrinated to believe that the homosexual lifestyle is legitimate and acceptable!

And I could go on and on with the links.....

Every parent must know, you have to scrutinize everything about whichever school you decide to place your child. They don't come out and tell you this trash. You have to have your radar on, and then you have to listen when it starts beeping.