Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Critiquing HardBall

One of the most disturbing sights on TV lately is talking heads and pundits trying to figure out if they are really out of touch with red-state America. Am I the only one noticing, that the only people they are discussing this with, are other fringe lefties: who would never have a clue on this issue? The silliest example of this is Chris Matthews opining away with Ron Reagan, the silliest man alive. I have to admit, Ron Reagan really gets on my nerves. He holds absolutely no qualifications, whatsoever, to be sitting on TV telling us what to think about anything. He is a silly man who happened to have a great father. Ron has taken his father's death and turned it into an opportunity for fame and attention. But the kicker, of course, is that Ron does not hold one value/opinion of his father's. His father was great for his ideas, optimism, political skills and values. His son can not lay a single claim to any value his father represented. So why in the heck does Chrissie let him on his show? He outwardly annoys the other pundits. How many times have I seen eyes roll on the set when that moron starts talking?

Ron looks like the little boy who desperately wanted to be the teacher's pet, who was never called on. And now all of a sudden, Chrissie steps in and finally calls on him. It is the public that now has to suffer, for it truly is painful trying to watch this egotistical blow-hard shaking his head at us on TV, telling us how smart he is. And Chris thinks this guy holds the secrets to middle america. They are both high on delusions of grandeur. The whole thing is just stupid.