Sunday, November 07, 2004

Kelly on Bush's Victory

Jack Kelly has become one of my favorite columnist and he does not let me down today.
In 2004, political victory presages military victory. The most immediate losers abroad are the terrorist thugs in Fallujah, who are about to have the hammer fall on them.

The hammer would have dropped on Fallujah in any event -- Bush would have been president until January even if Kerry had won -- but now al-Qaida and the Baathist remnants in the renegade town know they are going to die in vain. There will be after January no rest, no respite, no sanctuary from President Bush's relentless pursuit.

Exactly, the guy the terrorists wanted lost, and that is a victory for the U.S. in the WoT. The thought of how vulnerable those terrorists must be feeling right now, well....I'm sleeping with a smile on my face and I'm damn proud of my vote.
"People are telling you [this] will be the most important election of our lives," wrote former Air Force pilot and web logger Bill Whittle, a Gore supporter in 2000, a few days before the vote. "That is not true. The most important election of your lives was held on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2000. You just didn't know it. Neither did I.

"What happened on that day led to one man being in the White House these last four years, rather than the other one," Whittle said. "George W. Bush was commander in chief when we needed him most."
This is a sentiment that I have often thought as well. It is absolutely true. We never knew at the time that Clinton was delivering a "false peace", and we had no idea at the time how vital the outcome of the 2000 election was going to be for our future safety.
Russian president Vladimir Putin said he "felt joy" at Bush's re-election.

"International terrorism gave itself the goal of not allowing the re-election of President Bush," Putin said. "Our relations in the last four years have undergone a big change, for the good of our peoples ... [Bush is] a reliable and predictable partner. He has proven to be a firm man, with a strong character, and a coherent policy."
Vladimir, you are correct, now if our fellow blue staters could see as clearly as you.