Saturday, November 06, 2004

More Post-Election Liberal Fall Out

One of the more outspoken celebrity lefties the past few months was rapper P. Diddy. ScrappleFace has some news on his post-election condition.
P. Diddy Survives 'Vote or Die' Attempt

(2004-11-04) -- Rap star Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs is reportedly in stable condition after surviving a self-inflicted 'Vote or Die' attempt on Tuesday.

Despite millions of dollars, and countless appeals by popular youth role models, like Mr. Diddy and filmmaker Michael Moore, young people turned out to vote in historically typical percentages, rather than the flood tide Democrats had expected would sweep John Forbes Kerry into the White House.

Mr. Moore said he has confidence that his young fans, who cheered him wildly during his nationwide 'Slacker Uprising Tour', will turnout to vote eventually.

"But we need to wake them up and get them to the polls before they have jobs, children, financial responsibilities or faith in God," said Mr. Moore. "Once that happens, they lose their progressive idealism."

Satire by Scott Ott

I especially enjoyed the last paragraph.