Friday, November 05, 2004

Children's Magazine: Hama's Style

This picture (HT: LGF) may be deeply disturbing by itself, but it gets much worse for where the picture was published and for what it celebrates. Go see the picture knowing that this is what is published in a Hamas Children's newspaper.
The power of this image was not lost on the 'political and social services' wing of Hamas. The picture at left (with caption translated from the Arabic), appeared in issue 38 of the Hamas children's newspaper Alfatah of September 22, 2004.

The social and educational wing of Hamas, whose members UNRWA chief Peter Hansen employs without concern, know how to create the right educational environment for Palestinian children. The magazine has stories, poems and pictures attractive to children, so that they absorb the accompanying messages of hatred and encouragement to violence, terror and suicide.

The brainwashing of children continues, and we will have to fight until these types of activities are stomped out.