Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's All Over But The Crying!

First off, Thank you to all the people in this great country who voted for George W. Bush yesterday. We all put him over the top in some way, either contributing to the popular vote, or for the lucky Bush voters in Florida and Ohio, helping W win the electoral college. It was a great night to be a Republican.

My only disappointment of the night was Coors's defeat in Colorado. However, he is obviously a proud man and conceded the race with much dignity.

Icing on the cake? Thune wins, and Daschle needs to clean his desk out! The moonbat-obstructionist is GONE. In contrast to Coors's grace, Daschle has yet to concede this race. Note to Democrats: People are watching...and nobody likes a sore loser.

Now to Kerry. Senator, don't end up like Al Gore. You don't have a case anywhere approaching what Al had. You lost. The people spoke and you need to respect it. If you drag this out, not only will you never recover, your party will suffer tremendously. The American people do not want a repeat of 2000. It's not close....the math is not there. Concede now, the sooner the better. It's all over but the crying at this point. We all see it, someone around you needs to tell you.

To the Media: The fact that the AP was conducting the exit polls is beyond laughable. Whose idea was that? There must have been a tremendous case of group-think going on in that meeting. The exit polls were not just a little wrong, but waaaaay wrong. There needs to be an investigation to determine if this was intentional. I'm not saying that it was, but I wouldn't trust the AP to accurately cover a little league game correctly, much less predict states for a presidential election.

Now for all the people who tried to interfere with a presidential election with lies, propaganda and distortion: Shame Shame Shame

Michael Moore: You represent the worse this country has ever produced. You are a disgusting, profiteering propagandist. May you never recover an ounce of credibility that anyone ever perceived you had. You are a liar and a cheat. Who are you to interfere with an election? You gave UBL the words and phrases he needed for his most recent terror-tape. The mullahs of Iran, Castro and the leaders of Hamas loved your propaganda and allow it to be seen with open arms. They love you. You have given aid and comfort to our enemy. You encouraged terrorist by calling them minutemen. You have blood on your hands and are clearly a traitor to your countrymen. Shame on you. And God bless the American people for having the intelligence to see straight through your filthy lies and distortion. You are not fit to breath the same air as we do.

Now to all the other asshat-moonbats from Hollywood to New York: We don't care what you think! You are not more enlightened on global and moral issues than the rest of the country. Your opinions do not carry an ounce more weight than any other citizen. We do not like it when entertainers think we need their help determining how to think about war and/or moral issues. It is actually incredibly laughable that you even try. Just 'Shut up and Sing' as someone once wrote! Get over yourself already!

Now to the liars:

Richard Clarke-Go to hell you bastard. You contradicted yourself with your own words and testimony. You are a completely discredited liar. And for what? Mad because you didn't get a job? ...So you turn on the one President who is willing to fight this war with the veracity it demands. You tried to directly undermine the security of my children...I hope to never see your face again.

Joe Wilson: You have been completely discredited and you still go out to spill forth your hatred and lies. For what? I believe for your own fame. That's right: Fame. I saw the pictures from the lame photo shoot...trying to look like James Bond. Give me a freaking break! You are a fake and a liar. You too, tried to undermine the security of this great country for your own personal gain at a time of war, you are a traitor to us all.

60 Minutes/CBS/Rather: The book of the Month Club didn't work out did it? Forged documents to a lay person's naked eye? The distortions, lies, and yes, propaganda have killed your credibility. You are trying to undermine the Iraqi War, just like you did with Vietnam. Bloggers won't let you do it this time. There's a new set of rules at play now. Get use to it. Bloggers are watching your every yourselves if it is possible, or be lost forever. IT IS OVER.

The Media's Treatment of the SwiftVets for Truth: Inexcusable. That's the only word for it. Last night was a tremendous victory for thousands and thousands of veterans that were slandered, not only by J.Kerry and his campaign, but by the media themselves. MSM tried to ignore, then tried to discredit, and when nothing worked, they just simply tried to shout down our wonderful veterans. For every media group, editor and reporter that did this to our veterans, you can all go straight to hell as well. We see you for what you are, and we no longer need you or want you. Shame on you.

May God bless all of our veterans. For those of us who were toddlers during Vietnam, the truth has come to light. If there is a positive to J.Fn.Kerry's candidacy, it is that I now understand what happened 30 or so years ago. I feel tremendous shame for how our country was suckered into the lies and propaganda of coummunists and communist operatives (this would be Kerry and the Media). I pray that our veterans may all be more at peace. Much of America now knows the truth of Vietnam. So now, America can learn from the past and never let the propaganda and distortions undermine our country again. This site is my contribution.

This rant could go on and on. I'm going to stop it now.

I am proud of the American people and I am proud of George W. Bush. This man withstands unprecedented attacks and keeps on going. May God Bless him and his family for what they sacrifice. And most of all, May God Bless this great country.

It is a Happy Day!

UPDATE: Thankfully, John Kerry has now conceded the race to Bush and it is all over.

I know that the above rant is much more ranting than what I usually do here, so I would like to say a few things on this. I did not rant about people voting for Kerry, as much as I would disagree with that vote, that is certainly an individual's right. However, the people above that I did rant about are people in positions of power, influence and responsibility. IMHO, the MSM has let this country down dreadfully. I don't think that a reasonable person can claim that Kerry was questioned/persued to any level approaching the President, some would say not at all. More than once the attacks appeared coordinated and, as we all know, dishonest. Their agenda, along with everyone elses listed above, was more than clear. So yes, I resent the obvious, unprecedented attempts to unfairly alter a U.S. Presidential election. The fact that we are at War only compounds the problem and my frustration.

My wish for the future is simply for fair play. Run my candidate over the coals, but lets spread the love around. This is of paramount importance for the health of our Republic. This is the role of the press and I do pray that they pull it together. However, one must acknowledge a problem before one can solve the problem.