Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Note to My Friends and Family:

For those who are coming by to check out election analysis/opinion, I can not compete (or have the energy/desire) with the excellent around-the-clock blogging that is taking place. Therefore, I will list the blogs that are doing a phenomenal job that you should check out every hour! Here they are:

**Real Clear Politics has a running tally of election returns**

The Kerry Spot These guys have "insiders" of the Bush camp giving them scoops.
The Corner Again, inside access.
The Command Post They have live bloggers reporting from all over the country.
Crush Kerry I believe they have a Kerry insider.
INDC Journal
Hugh Hewitt
Red State
Don't forget Drudge

If you need more: Check out my side-bar on the right.

This should keep you well fed through the night. Remember to breath deeply and pray all night! We must win. If you have not voted yet...What in the heck are ya waiting for? GO VOTE!! Be active in securing our children's safety.

Update I: Go here and scroll down for a schedule of states listed by what hour they are closing.

Update II: Go here for a wise and calming prayer.

Update III: Holy Cow! You have to go read this!

Update IV: Need a laugh!

Update V: CBS seems to be calling states a lot sooner than any other network. Why? Not sure...