Monday, November 01, 2004

My Thoughts for Nov. 2nd

The polls are all over the place. Many are bogus and collectively, they make no sense at all. I've been reflecting over the choice the American people have tomorrow. It is a clear choice, not distorted by liberals trying to morph into conservatives, as we've seen in the previous 3 elections. But how many people see the truth? It worries me.

What has Bush accomplished?
1) He has led this country through a horrific, terrorist mass-murder. He decisively struck back at the Taliban and al Qaida. Afghanistan has gone from a snake pit of terror and an oppressive theocracy to a new democracy for the first time. Free and open elections occurred without violence. > 2/3 of al-Qaida's leadership is dead or detained.
2) Saddam is no longer shooting at our pilots on a daily basis. His sons are no longer raping, torturing, murdering, intimidating, etc.. 20 million people. Mass graves are no longer being filled with men, women and children. The Iraqi War led to...
3) Libya disarmed without a single pair of boots placed in country. Which led to...
4) A. Q. Khan's nuclear black market ring was discovered and terminated.
5) The UN, France, Germany, and Russia are no longer getting rich from Saddam's oil money as the Iraqi people starved to death.
6) Pakistan is a key ally in the War on Terror - Clinton could never get close.
7) Vladimir is now on our side in the WoT.
8) Smooth transition of power to an Iraqi government - Free elections in 2 months.
9) Iran has a lot of American troops along 2 of its borders feeling pressure. Unlike Iraq, Iran has a strong movement from within, that can fight and change their government. Time will tell..... but you can bet the Mullahs don't like all the U.S. troops breathing down their hairy necks.
10) No Child Left Behind: Is it perfect? I don't know, but I do know that accountability is a very good thing. The tax-payer should demand a good product for the billions we spend.
11) Home ownership is at all-time record high in every group.
12) Seniors get help with Rx Drugs. I know for many this may be a negative, but the reality was that something was going to be passed for this, and under the would've been much, much worse. Take it or leave it.
13) The guts to push for Faith-based initiatives - Trying to make a fundamental change in people, so they may begin to help themselves.
14) College financial aid is extraordinarily high, yes for the middle class too.
15) Passed an economic stimulus package that saved us from an inherited recession, 9/11 and corporate corruption.
Many, many more.....

The most profound, important accomplishment, that Bush gets little credit for:
No Terrorist Attack on our Homeland Since 9/11! This is a direct result of Bush taking the fight to the enemy. Folks, you always want to play offense; playing defense sucks as we saw on 9/11.

Never forget people. And don't think for a second that terrorist have not wanted to strike right here in the U.S. Bush may not be perfect, but he has certainly risen to the challenge and needs to continue the war.

Now, what I know about Kerry:
1) He returned from Vietnam and slandered an entire generation of veterans. He has never apologized for his admitted lies.
2) He met with our communist enemy giving them aid and comfort. All this while an officer in the Navy.
3) He attended a meeting where the assassination plans of U.S. Senators was discussed and did not alert authorities.
4) He was for the nuclear freeze.
5) He voted against the 1991 Gulf War.
6) He voted to send our troops to war and then refused to fund them.
7) He is anti-defense, anti-intelligence and anti-military. Note to liberals: This is a negative.
8) He is a pacifist.
9) I believe he would trade Israel for a good time with France.
10) He believes in the UN. Note to liberals: This is a negative.
11) He stated at the DNC in Boston that he would respond to any terrorist attack. Too late Senator.
12) He has had a do-nothing career in the Senate.
13) He never shows up to work.
14) He believes the presidency is his birth-right.
15) He has no core, no belief system.
16) His wife would be an absolute disaster.
17) He throws and runs like a girl.
18) He is a compulsive liar: Christmas in Cambodia, Magic Hat, Boston Marathon, etc...
19) He chose a pretty-boy, sleazy trial-lawyer with about 4 years of public service experience as his running mate.

And as we all know, there are numerous other negatives....

I do not understand how some people miss these blatant, fundamental differences. I pray, in the voting booth tomorrow, reality strikes common sense into the heart of every voter.