Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Banned in Boston

When I was living in Rhode Island I use to listen to talk radio during the afternoon commute on I-95. It was during my time in RI that Massachusetts's Supreme Court decided that Gay marriage would be legal. The radio host that I listened to everyday - who was not far left or right - made the statement (paraphrased) at the time: "Well folks I woke up this morning and absolutely nothing in my marriage with my wife has changed since gay marriage was made legal. I have yet to hear of a single reason why I should be concerned."

Well Dan, here it is. The only problem, is that no one predicted this consequence, that I ever heard anyway. And it is a million times worse than I ever imagined.

The article "Banned in Boston" is one of the most very important reads that have come along in quite a few months. And without reading it, you will never be able to intelligently argue your point either way.

Get busy.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Claiming ChickenHawk Status

Absolutely priceless.

If you think that unless you or your loved ones are in Iraq fighting the war to have a valid opinion on said war, then you need to read the above link.


The Biggest Hypocrits

Ted Kennedy has prove himself to possibly be the most hypocritical person on the planet.
Supporters of the offshore grid of 130 wind turbines, standing 400 feet above the water, say it would supply three-quarters of the energy needs of Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. By replacing use of oil, they say, it would sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Kennedy opposes this, explains the buzz on Capitol Hill, because he does not want to despoil the pristine appearance of a natural resource dear to his family and the memory of John F. Kennedy.
Here's the thing though, next election year for Kennedy we'll see all of his Greenpeace, tree-hugging supporters lining up to vote for him once again - Like a bad addiction.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dixie Dumb

Karl Rove is now officially controlling the minds of all three Dixie Chicks.

In "Lubbock or Leave It," Natalie Maines, a native of this West Texas city, sings: "I hear they hate me now/Just like they hated you./Maybe when I'm dead and gone/I'm gonna get a statue, too."

Holly, whose statue is in downtown Lubbock, was born here and died in a plane crash along with singers Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson in Iowa in 1959.

Holly's older brother, Larry O. Holley, said he doesn't know of anyone in Lubbock who hated his sibling.

"Older people in town thought rock 'n' roll was for kids," Holley said. "But no one hated Buddy."
What's really funny is Natalie's defensive statement at the end fails to give a single reason for the lyric AND insults her own hometown at the same time!
On the Chicks Web site Maines writes that the song "is not just about Lubbock, but about any small, hypocritical town."
Rove has obviously taken over all of the Dixie Chick's minds and is purposefully running their career into the ground.

That or the Chicks have absolutely no brain cells whatsoever.

UN and Fiction

Well it is way too easy to talk about the United Nations living in a fantasy world. We all know that.

But now they've taken it a ridiculous step further. They've actually given an award to Geena Davis for an acting job - playing the first female U.S. president.

She is just giddy about it, I tell ya:
To the strains of "Hail to the Chief," actress Geena Davis accepted an award night for her television portrayal of the first woman president of the United States from an organization which is seeking to turn fiction into reality.

When the star of the ABC television show "Commander in Chief" got to the podium Tuesday, she was given a red, white and blue sash to put on over her gown, similar to one worn by Chile's first woman president, Michelle Bachelet. "This is the coolest thing I ever got! Wow I love it!," she said.
Yes, yes, yes. It is very courageous to be limo'd in to your job everyday at an overly-air conditioned studio, memorize your lines, hair and makeup, recite in front of camera.

You go girl!!

Of course it is nothing new for actors to get awards for going to work, but don't think the evening ended without the usual "Bush Sucks" rhetoric:
Filmmaker Rod Lurie, the creater of "Commander in Chief" also received an award and called the question of whether the United States is ready for a female president "insulting."

"From now on, my answer is, `Are we ready for more of what we have got?,'" he said.

"Females represent 51 percent of the country and it's absurd that they're not represented in the highest level of power, and not even given that opportunity," Lurie said.(emphasis mine)
Huh? Since when can't a female adult that is an American citizen not run for president? Anyone who meets the basic criteria (sex is not one of them) can run. I learned that around 2nd or 3rd grade I think.

Paging George Clooney...

Sir, you have a nosebleed.

Not only does Clooney get a punch, but you get some great background info on Darfur.