Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Banned in Boston

When I was living in Rhode Island I use to listen to talk radio during the afternoon commute on I-95. It was during my time in RI that Massachusetts's Supreme Court decided that Gay marriage would be legal. The radio host that I listened to everyday - who was not far left or right - made the statement (paraphrased) at the time: "Well folks I woke up this morning and absolutely nothing in my marriage with my wife has changed since gay marriage was made legal. I have yet to hear of a single reason why I should be concerned."

Well Dan, here it is. The only problem, is that no one predicted this consequence, that I ever heard anyway. And it is a million times worse than I ever imagined.

The article "Banned in Boston" is one of the most very important reads that have come along in quite a few months. And without reading it, you will never be able to intelligently argue your point either way.

Get busy.