Sunday, November 13, 2005

Australian Wisdom

John Howard is a very smart man.
PRIME Minister John Howard last night refused to back a multicultural Australia saying he preferred a cohesive, integrated society.

Asked if he liked the word "multiculturalism", Mr Howard said: "No, not particularly.
"Different people have different versions of what it means," he said.

"I'm in favour of drawing people from everywhere and when they come to this country I'm in favour of them becoming Australian."

Mr Howard said it was up to Australians to make immigrants feel welcome but newcomers had a responsibility to embrace their new home.

"It's their responsibility and particularly the responsibility of their leaders to encourage that process of integration," he told Channel 9's 60 Minutes.

Nothing much to add other than a link to an old post of mine detailing my personal dealings with a school hiding their true intentions behind the word multicultural.

It has become a truly devastating policy not only to immigrants to foreign lands, but to those countries that have taken them in.