Monday, September 20, 2004

The Anti-Moore Movie

You must watch this. It is a movie trailer for a new film coming out in September. It is an AMAZING video clip and left me speechless. I will definetly see this movie; if you can find it in RI.
(Hat Tip to my fellow NE conservative Sean)

Also, if you find the clip compelling, please take the time to e-mail it to all of your friends. Word of mouth can make this a success. I actually recognized alot of the footage in the clip. I have seen it before, in parts, from one of the most inspiring sites I have discovered. It is linked on the left, Protest Warrior. These are brave, brave people. Explore and read every story on the site, it will inspire you. I'm a member myself. Support these efforts, they are DOING what we would all like to do.