Saturday, September 18, 2004

Why We Have To Fight

Here is a profound post. Sparingly will I use the word profound & this post is worthy. Varifrank discusses why it is vital to our way of life and very survival that we are successful in Iraq.

I overheard a conversation the other day. A very young person (18-19ish) starts saying how she and her mother got into another argument over Kerry and the Iraqi war. She was trying to make the point to her mother that if one of her sons or nephews was in Iraq that she would feel differently about the war. Her mother held her ground with this Mooronish argument. This co-worker of mine then went on to role her eyes and say "you know it is 2004, it's time to find some other way to solve problems."

This idiocy is just too much for me. Some People apparently do not understand that thousands (millions??) of horrible human beings would love nothing more to slit our throats just for who we are. Read the link above. This guy does a brilliant job of laying it all out. I agree 100%! So go forth and let sane clarity set you free. Too bad the people who really need to understand will never see it.