Friday, September 17, 2004


This story is a long, difficult read. However, for the record, Saddam was in bed with Osama or vice versa. However you want to think about it.

The Oil for Food UNScam is huge. It was big the day it broke and is getting bigger. I don't think alot of people truly understand that alot of countries worked against us in the Iraqi War because Saddam was buying them off. This story has been neglected by the MSM. Why you ask? Because this bogus line of the US's standing in the world is a Dean/Democratic talking point. So the MSM is never going to undercut the issue. The problem of course is that the MSM exists in their very own bubble. They have no concept that most Americans, that live and operate in the real world, could not give a flip what the French/Germans/Russians think of us taking care of our business.

Hopefully, after the election this incredible story will get the coverage it demands.