Saturday, September 18, 2004

Check out NPR's 'swing voter'

Click here to read a post about NPR's supposed swing voter interview. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I were in control of the Federal Budget, the very 1st items on the chopping block would be NPR and PBS. And I would not lose a single wink of sleep. I would actually have a slight grin on my face as I slept. Since we're at it, the next item on the ole block would then be any public funding of museums or artists. This way there would never be another controversy when a sicko 'artist' wants to have an exhibit of crosses in urine, etc.... Now I'm ranting. I'll stop there.

When is the media going to realize they can't get away w/ this mess anymore?? Either they are really dumb or they think that all of us are really dumb. I say let them keep walking in CBS's footsteps. The media needs to fall to the ground so that the rebuilding can begin. A fundamental element to a free democracy is a free and honest press. Some of the press now engage in propaganda. I guess they have taken lessons from Michael Moore's success. America deserves better and God knows, our soldiers have died for better.

UPDATE: Scroll down when you link to the post to find an excellent dissection of the latest polls.