Friday, September 24, 2004

I am a Security Mom!

Why do I love G.W. Bush? Because I am a security Mom. Nothing is more important to me than my family's security. And next to that, I want the free and open society that the rest of us grew up in to exists for my children. Here are a few paragraphs from the linked article:

Nothing matters more to me right now than the safety of my home and the survival of my homeland. I believe in the right to defend myself, and in America's right to defend itself against its enemies. I am a citizen of the United States, not the United Nations.

I want a president who is of one mind, not two, about what must be done to protect our freedom and our borders. I don't care about the hair on his head or the wrinkles in his forehead. I am not awed by his ability to ride a snowboard or fly a plane. Nor does it matter much to me whether his wife speaks four languages or bakes good cookies.

What I want is a commander in chief who will stop pandering to political correctness and People magazine editors, and start pandering to me. (snip)

And conservative activist Kay R. Daly, a security mom of two in Northern Virginia, warns that "A candidate who underestimates the security mom and her vote this fall may do so at his own peril. Hell hath no fury like a momma protecting her babies."

Amen. A momma protecting her babies is a powerful thing. The gender gap that the media use to harp on when the Dems were pulling the female vote, has now turned. Bush is currently pulling a lead among female voters. No one should really have to ask why. If a Mom wasn't already on board after 9/11, after this a lot more are on board.

We have a tremendous responsibility. Our founding fathers were brave and brilliant men. Some lost everything they had to found this country. Some lost their homes, fortunes, their families, and some lost their lives. After declaring our independence they fought for it and they fought hard. So we find ourselves at a time where we owe it to all the men who died for us and our liberty and we owe it to our children's future to ensure their freedoms. And yes, one day our children may be called upon to carry the same burden.

There will always be war. Get use to it. There is no utopia. As long as there is evil in this world there will be war and people are going to die and suffer. This is not my choice; I would love to live in a world where everyone love their fellow man and all the rules are fair. Nonetheless, I look around the world with crystal clear eyes. I recognize the rock-hard, cold reality of our world. Once you accept the reality of your world and drop the fantasy then it will be easier to have the needed clarity to confront our enemy.