Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Failed Robbery: Damage Report

Some may remember this story from mid June where a young man in the process of robbing a beauty school in Shreveport, La, my new hometown, was tripped midway through and beaten by the instructors and students. Maybe this photo will jog your memory:

The story actually received a lot of national and blogger attention. In case you were wondering how this young chap is doing, I have a little damage report for you.
The signs of his physical attack were gone, but Jared Gipson still seemed emotionally beaten at his preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

He held his head down as a Shreveport police officer recalled details of the attack on Gipson that happened during an attempted robbery of a local beauty college.

Cpl. Brent Mason said Gipson, now accused of trying to rob the students and instructors, was beaten with everything inside the shop that wasn't nailed down, including table legs, curling irons and blow dryers, but that a 4-by-4 fence post probably caused the most damage.

"I believe I counted 21 open lacerations to his skull area that required sutures or staples," Mason testified Tuesday before Caddo District Judge Scott Crichton. "He had a shoe print forced through his clothes to his skin. He had severely been stomped by someone."(emphasis mine)
All I'm gonna say is that if you can't take the heat, stay the hell out of the kitchen.

(Thanks to Ace for having the photo in his archives for me to 'borrow')