Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rove Links

This post is not for regular blososphere readers for this will contain links to posts you have probably already read. However, for my friends who come by here and maybe don't stop at the big guys everyday, I've got some Karl Rove links to fill you in on all the good dish.

First off, Christopher Hitchens calls BS on big heaping pile of the stuff. Good links there to the original stuff including the Financial Times story that is an absolute must read if you want to discuss this story intelligently.

Then PowerLine has a terrific post detailing the MSM malpractice of the whole affair.

And if that's not enough for you, The Belgravia Dispatch had a nice post on how libs are spinning to spin the facts.

It's all good my friends. Wilson is the scum of the earth and his wife is right there with him.

I know some of this is old reading, but if you missed it before it is now essential reading as the MSM is in full Freak-Out mode, which means they're 'misrepresenting facts' around every corner.

UPDATE: Don't stop reading until you've had a nice bit of political satire from the one and only Beautiful Atrocities. It's really, really good.