Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gitmo Attacker

Rocco DiPippo has published a revealing column at FrontPageMag on the person behind the attack on Gitmo. Here's a sample:
As the wreckage of the Twin Towers was still smoldering, Michael Ratner began planning his attack on America’s post-9/11 defense strategy. Realizing that it would take major legal clout to seriously subvert the War on Terror, Ratner began taking steps to attract major U.S law firms to his cause. First, he adopted a high public profile against the Bush administration’s reaction to 9/11 by savaging every facet of its plan to protect the U.S. from future attack. Working the “civil liberties” angle for all its worth, Ratner raged at the Patriot Act, railed against profiling techniques designed to ferret out Islamic terrorists in our midst, and opposed invading Afghanistan to hunt down and capture Osama bin Laden and his Taliban henchmen.

The mainstream press assisted Ratner by promoting him as a champion of civil rights while carefully hiding his lifelong radicalims from the American public (see below). When the Islamists’ battleground changed, Ratner took a prominent role in antiwar movement by opposing Operation Iraqi Freedom. Ratner became a staple of antiwar, anti-Bush events. More importantly, he filed a series of high-profile nuisance suits against the Bush administration, one of which attempted to have Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld arrested and tried for “war crimes” by German courts.
You're gonna want to read the whole thing. Rocco also has more on his site at the The Autonomist, of which I am an occoasional contributor. Rocco has obviously put a lot of time and research into this most important and timely issue.