Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Waters and Floyd

Being a HUGE Pink Floyd fan, the news that Roger Waters is coming back for a reunion concert has me just plain giddy!
Pink Floyd - one of the biggest UK bands of all time - are reuniting for next month's Live 8 concert in London's Hyde Park.
Fans will be delighted to hear that Roger Waters, Pink Floyd's bass player and main lyricist, will be rejoining the band he co-founded after an absence of more than 20 years.

Pink Floyd's most successful line-up - Roger Waters, David Gilmour on guitar, Rick Wright on keyboards and Nick Mason on drums - have not played together since the days of their last hit, the 1979 double concept album The Wall.

Since then, they have performed in depleted formations, following an acrimonious break-up and legal wrangling.
Of course all of this is in conjunction with the G8 summit and Gilmour is spouting off political crap, but I don't care. I'm in for the music, baby.

If you want to listen to any of their songs and/or watch the videos, go here. It is a very cool Floyd site.

Hat tip to Nate, a very good friend who got me hooked on Floyd about 15 years ago driving in a RX-7 on narrow, winding, foggy roads with Learning to Fly screaming from the speakers - the perfect study break. Many thanks, Nate.