Monday, June 13, 2005

Things are a Changing

The pictures are all down, shelves have been removed and I am in the final stretch getting ready for the moving truck to pull up outside. I found this pic the other day trolling around and think it perfectly depicts my life right now:
A smile on the outside and a tornado is right in front of me! Almost all the details are taken care of, I just have to hope that everyone shows up and does what they're suppose to do! It's kind've like your wedding: It's much more important to you than everyone else involved and it is obvious that everyone else cares much less about things going just right!

I was hoping to write about some reflections of my two years here in New England. Hopefully, this will come to pass....just know that things are CRAZY! We have dinners/parties nearly every night and I'm trying to prepare my kids for all the changes along the way.

Life is good though!