Monday, July 04, 2005

Eating Catfood

I absolutely never read the comics any more, not since Calvin and Hobbs were retired into comic strip history. Maybe because I don't subscribe to a newspaper would explain this as well. However, as many of you know I've recently landed back in Louisiana to take up permanent residence. I've been reading the local newspaper because a nice paper boy has been putting one in front of my door every day. No telling how much longer the previous owner's subscription has left.

So here I am in my new house browsing through my rare print paper and ran across this comic. If you're a regular blog reader you really should read it, and if you're a blogger you really, really must read it. I'll wait for ya....

Okay....for the record:

1) I have no desire to be a journalist; I blog to share with my friends and family what I think to be worthy for their enjoyment/information. You see, by maintaining this site I don't have to spam my friends. They all know where to come for links and commentary. The added benefit has been the acquaintance of many fine commenters and fellow bloggers.

2) I'm fully involved with a real job, even signed a contract to become a dreaded academic. On top of that I'm involved in decisions that directly impacts medical treatment of the most dreadfully sick. Oh well, maybe one day I can spend my forty hours a week coming up with derogatory snips while coloring within the lines. One can only hope. Isn't it funny how this one little hobby gets under the skin of so many? I've learned in my short 35 years on this planet that folks with this attitude towards others are simply insecure, petty people.

3) Finally, let the record show: I have absolutely never, ever consumed catfood for my own nourishment. Now rabbit food is a different story....

Trudeau is a complete and total waste of space.

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