Monday, August 01, 2005


I was just telling my husband today how this 13 year old boy disappeared at Yankee stadium after never returning from the bathroom. Luckily he has been found alive and well. Sounds as though a very generous, kind Angel intervened to take care of him:
As the police were studying surveillance tapes from Yankee Stadium, and as investigators in Stamford were searching Majelique's bedroom for clues to his whereabouts, the boy was apparently on an odyssey in Queens. One person he ran into, Derick Aiken, 18, said he was sitting in Chino's Beauty Salon at 164-13 89th Avenue when Majelique walked in on Friday.

Mr. Aiken said the boy told him that his parents had kicked him out because of the way he dressed. Mr. Aiken said he bought Majelique a sandwich and kept him company as he slept on a bench.

"He said he didn't have anywhere to go," Mr. Aiken said.

The next day, Mr. Aiken took Majelique to a friend's apartment in the building where he was later found.
When you think of the countless predators that could've run across this child, it is such a relief to hear of a kind soul looking out for a small guy.

New York is a great place. Last summer we took our boys there for the weekend. As we were driving out of Manhatten we somehow missed a turn and was lost. A trucker thought we looked confused and stopped us in the middle of traffic. After asking us where we were trying to get to, he had us follow him to get to the freeway we were looking for. We had not even asked for help! What a great impression to leave New York City with.

I hope this boy can get through his problems; God was certainly watching out for him!