Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Exploring Wilson's Lie

Media Monitor puts forth an explanation behind Joe Wilson's lies about his wife getting him a "secret African mission" gig.

I liked this part:
In retrospect, it's clear the Plame and Wilson pulled off a monumental deception, with the help of the media. The facts suggest that Plame and her husband were determined to undermine the Administration's Iraq policy and were prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to accomplish that. Together with their media allies, they created such a firestorm over the naming of Plame that the White House panicked into seeking a special prosecutor.
The author gets into the workings of the CIA and makes the case that Wilson knew when he wrote 1) his book and 2) that op-ed piece that his wife's place of employment would be quickly known by all.

The details in this article are the nitty gritty of the whole case and is being ignored by the media and many, many Americans still have no clue that Joe Wilson is a big, fat disgusting liar. If you don't know the details, go get them.

Personal note: Last Sunday or something like that, I caught one of the news shows conducting a little roundtable discussion of the story. Every talking head repeated over and over describing Valerie as a "covert agent". I just turned the station off. They must go to sleep at night whispering to themselves, "push the lie, push the lie and people will believe." Unfortunately, many people will believe. Aaaaarrrggghhh....