Thursday, August 11, 2005

Story of the Summer

John Pohhoretz has declared Able Danger the story of the summer. Of course he is always. Problem is how much of the general public will ever learn the enormity of Clinton's failings and the massive blinders impairing the 9/11 comission? This story squarely lays the blame of 9/11 at Clinton's feet.

Remember how pissed Carey (Sex in the City) was when her boyfriend broke up with her on a Post-it note (TM)? Do you think America will get remotely that pissed off when they learn Atta's face was deliberately covered with a Post-it so that, God forbid, he be questioned about being a terrorist in our country, because he was a freaking terrorist!! Oh no! Let's not risk getting the ACLU mad and let this guy go free to fly planes into our buildings.

Morons. But even more so are the people who will still argue that Clinton was the best prez ever.