Sunday, August 28, 2005

Media and Media Whores

From Cox and Forkum:

The last month we've all had to endure the media driven shameless carnival in Crawford. It is nothing more than disgusting and dishonest. When you start to feel empathetic towards TCM's (That Crazed Mother) position consider these statements the media has conviently kept from your sensitve ears:
I take responsibility partly for my son’s death, too. I was raised in a country by a public school system that taught us that America was good, that America was just. America has been killing people, like my sister over here says, since we first stepped on this continent, we have been responsible for death and destruction. I passed on that bullshit to my son and my son enlisted. I’m going all over the country telling moms: “This country is not worth dying for. If we’re attacked, we would all go out. We’d all take whatever we had. I’d take my rolling pin and I’d beat the attackers over the head with it. But we were not attacked by Iraq. {applause} We might not even have been attacked by Osama bin Laden if {applause}. 9/11 was their Pearl Harbor to get their neo-con agenda through and, if I would have known that before my son was killed, I would have taken him to Canada. I would never have let him go and try and defend this morally repugnant system we have. The people are good, the system is morally repugnant. {applause}


What they’re saying, too, is like, it’s okay for Israel to have nuclear weapons. But Iran or Syria better not get nuclear weapons. It’s okay for the United States to have nuclear weapons. It’s okay for the countries that we say it’s okay for. We are waging a nuclear war in Iraq right now. That country is contaminated. It will be contaminated for practically eternity now. It’s okay for them to have them, but Iran or Syria can’t have them. It’s okay for Israel to occupy Palestine, but it’s – yeah – and it’s okay for Iraq to occupy – I mean, for the United States to occupy Iraq, but it’s not okay for Syria to be in Lebanon. They’re a bunch of fucking hypocrites! And we need to, we just need to rise up. We need a revolution and make it be peaceful and make it be loving and let’s just show them all the love we have for humanity because we want to stop the inhumane slaughter.
Ahem. These statements were made in support of Lynne Stewart at an all out Moonbat Rally.

Lee at Right Thinking has one of the best posts I've seen written on TCM and the media hype. He uses a story about a mother who has channeled her grief in a completely different way. You know, in a way that honors her lost loved one's memory. Go figure.

Media coverage for this mother? Close to zero. Go read Lee's spot-on analysis behind this discrepency.