Tuesday, May 03, 2005

No Escape

My new blogging buddy, Tom at BizzyBlog, alerted me to this post that talks about a news story out of Bossier, La, sister city of Shreveport, my soon-to-be new home town. Seems as though a pretentious lawyer tried to substitute C.E. for A.D. on the high school diplomas in the state without, you know, checking with anyone.

Not that this is a hot issue or anything.
Louisiana's education chief has ordered a reprinting of all of this year's high school graduation diplomas after learning the dates had been changed from a Christian reference.

On the date line of the diplomas, the letters A.D. -- Anno Domini, Latin for "In the year of Our Lord" -- had been replaced by C.E. -- Common Era, a designation that is being used more often as an acknowledgment of other religions that do not follow Jesus Christ.

State Superintendent of Education Cecil Picard made the decision to reprint the diplomas after a complaint about the changes from the superintendent of Bossier Parish schools.

Bossier Superintendent Ken Kruithof called his predecessor, now-state Rep. Jane Smith of Bossier City, who called state education officials to find out what had been done.

The change was made by an assistant education superintendent and an attorney, Smith said.

"They were making some changes on the diploma with regard to the type of enhancement a young person has received when they graduate," Smith said. During that conversation, it's my understand the attorney said, 'Now would be a good time -- let's just take A.D. off and put C.E. on.'"
Go ahead and re-read the bolded part again. I would never want this guy fighting for my case. Jeez, he has already thrown up a white flag and is marching in step with the ACLU. This just goes to show you that in many, many corners, the ACLU has already won battles they've never had to fight because of spineless, defeated jackasses such as this.

Unless of course he's already an ACLU sympathizer, which is just as likely as well.

Either way, he got a big veto and has been exposed.

And my bubble has been busted. Even though I'm moving to a deep red state, political correctness will still be permeating all around me. Thanks a lot Tom! ;)