Friday, April 29, 2005

Not Alone

If you are a long, long time reader, you may remember my post last fall detailing my very first experience with the public education system with my soon-to-be kindergartener titled "Charter School Perversion." In short, I was told by the school that me nor my child would be a 'good-fit' for the new charter school because I had voiced concern over my child being taught about homosexual lifestyles. Let's please remember here folks, we were also talking about a FIVE year old child who does not know about heterosexual sex either.

Today I'm feeling not-so-alone, as Wizbang tells of an incredibly similar story of a father that actually gets arrested because he simply wanted to be notified when his child would be exposed to this discussion.

How many times do we hear educators complain how parents are not interested in their child's education? Well, for a lot of educators this is just a load of excrement. Parental involvement is their worse fear.

I highly recommend you read both posts to educate yourself on what is out there waiting for your children. It's only their minds.