Friday, April 29, 2005

Catching Up

I saw this funny bumper sticker yesterday:
Horn Broke, Watch for Finger

Driving Etiquette:
1) When the light turns green, GO.

2) It is never okay to turn left from the Right hand lane (yes, I am referring to 4 lanes of traffic), unless specifically marked on the pavement or with a sign. NEVER, Okay??

3) If you are turning left and you can position your car so that the traffic behind you can carry on and not obsess over the fact that your donut fixation is holding up about 50 people from getting to work, it would be rather nice of ya.

4) Don't push your luck: Just because you pull half of your car onto the street to then look to see if you may enter traffic, I just may be in the mood to take that hood off for you. Trust me, you never know.

My life is full of forms and paperwork these days. With only 4 more days of work here in RI (though I'm not moving to La until late June) I have accepted an academic position in Louisiana. Early in my career, I had a mentor in Pittsburgh who I always thought had the perfect job. Ten years later, I have now positioned myself to have essentially that same job. I am going back to where I worked the first 5 years of my career, to pick up relationships where they left off, and, hopefully, have the career exactly as I've always imagined. Some people might say how lucky I am, but I really don't like that word. I've worked my tail off to be in this position and, with God's grace, I've finally reached my goals. And for today, it's feeling pretty good.

So hold on to your hats boys and girls, I'm gonna tell you what I can without risking too many details. I wouldn't want the psychos knowing too much.

The news cycle is pretty slow these days, but do not fear. I plan on writing a lot over the next 2 months on my ups and downs, best/worse memories, etc. that my family and I have been through here in RI.

Stay tuned...