Friday, April 15, 2005


Warning: Pointless, Mindless post ahead:


I am the queen of procrastination.....

As part of my interview next week I am suppose to give a 45 minute presentation. I had decided last week to cover a very broad topic by reviewing the "Surviving Sepsis Campaign". Well yesterday morning I decided the topic was just too broad, and being that this would be the first time delivering such talk, I would give my much more comfortable "Parenteral Nutrition" lecture. I know this stuff like the back of my hand, but good golly! I've been updating the lecture, adding more references, wanting to add more slides to cover one or two more topics....all very easy to get done.

But nothing. I've made very few changes. I just keep on flipping through the slides...thinking of about anything but what I need to get done.

*ahem* Including blogging. Yes, this post is one more thing to do so that I don't have to work on my presentation.

I just wanna go run.....

Okay - got that out!