Tuesday, May 03, 2005

More Ramblin

More trivial details:

The three miles on the treadmill is getting easier lately. If you don't remember, I am dead serious about this war I've got going on with the RI poundage. They. Will. Be. Gone. by the time I leave this state. Don't waste your time telling me about diets. With two small boys in the house I can't maintain any super low-carb diets. I prefer hard-core endurance training with as many weights as I can get in.

I'm going back home to Louisiana for a short weekend in early June for a wedding. I'll be seeing lots of people that I have not seen in about 15 years. Yeah baby, that's right....I've got something to prove.

So anyway, I plan on logging in many more miles on the treadmill the next couple of months before our move and I plan on telling you about it. It's part of my motivation plan.

Short term goal: Lose 10 pounds by July 1.

Long term goal: Train and run the Austin marathon in February of 2006.

Keep me on my toes people, I need the help.

P.S. I ran the Austin marathon as a 2-man relay in 2001 which was the longest run I've ever completed to date - 13.1 miles.