Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Dark Left: Part 12234322

This Washington Post column tries to debunk some of the lefty internet rumors out there that the U.S. is coordinating the demonstrations in the Ukraine. Who knew? I don't like to get my computer dirty over at those kind of sites. Anyway the author quotes Christopher Hitchens:
The larger point, though, is that the "it's-all-an-American-plot" arguments circulating in cyberspace again demonstrate something that the writer Christopher Hitchens, himself a former Trotskyite, has been talking about for a long time: At least a part of the Western left -- or rather the Western far left -- is now so anti-American, or so anti-Bush, that it actually prefers authoritarian or totalitarian leaders to any government that would be friendly to the United States. Many of the same people who found it hard to say anything bad about Saddam Hussein find it equally difficult to say anything nice about pro-democracy demonstrators in Ukraine. Many of the same people who would refuse to condemn a dictator who is anti-American cannot bring themselves to admire democrats who admire, or at least don't hate, the United States. I certainly don't believe, as President Bush sometimes simplistically says, that everyone who disagrees with American policies in Iraq or elsewhere "hates freedom." That's why it's so shocking to discover that some of them do. (Emphasis mine)

Ordinary Left of Center folks need to wake up to their party's misdeeds or start looking for a new party. As my parents taught me: You will be judged by the company you keep, and you can never bring people up, they will always pull you down.