Wednesday, December 01, 2004

More Left Blasphemy

So here is a guy with the NY Observer having a hard time with faith and Republicans as he tries to tell the Dems to get a handle on foreign policy. It is a snarky, blasphemous piece, so I will only quote the graph that I think he got right:
While the rain fell on the dedication of Bill’s mausoleum, Democratic pols and their think-tankers were organizing "What do we believe in?" conclaves. The professionals are debating what their political party stands for, what programs and policies it advocates and, evidently also, what church it belongs to. Haunted by figures which indicated that 90 percent of those who go to a house of worship every week voted for George W. Bush, the pros decided they want some of those votes.

However, God is a registered Republican, which only leaves the Devil for the Democrats if they insist on messing with religion.

I have to admit, that me giggle. Trust me I've given you the best of the whole piece right there. Read more at your own displeasure.