Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Murder/Suicide Obituary

How should a father, who can't handle his life, who murders his 2 daughters and then blows his own brains out be memorialized? Michelle Malkin has the post on the obituary that you should read in its entirety (and don't miss the photo of the loving father with the two girls). Then read this ridiculous link and try telling me the world hasn't gone absolutely bat-ass crazy. If living in the NW makes you this dumb I don't want anywhere near it.
In times like these, she said, people don't want to focus on the "bad stuff" about Byrne.

"There were things in his life to be honored," she said.
God forbid we focus on the pesky 'bad stuff'. Heaven knows we don't want to stain the memory of this man who murdered two innocent little girls rather than allow them to live out their lives with their mother. Why that wouldn't be right. (/sarcasm)

Here's my memorial:
He ended up a double child-killer and may he be rotting in hell.