Monday, November 29, 2004

9/11 Widow With Class

Grab a tissue and read this, a column about a 9/11 widow who has published a book composed of letters written to her husband, who died on Flight 93, and to her daughter, who was only 12 weeks old when her father died. This widow is simply telling her tale of survival and keeping her husband's memory alive for her daughter. It is quite moving and refreshing, considering all the overexposure that "other" group of widows received during the election.
Jeremy called from the plane, telling her that "bad men" were in control and that he and other passengers were planning to fight back.

"You've got to promise me you're going to be happy," he told her. "For Emmy to know how much I love her. And because whatever decisions you make in your life, no matter what, I'll support you."

"That's still very hard, and I don't think there is ever a mastery," Glick said in a recent interview. "But I'm able to look forward on a Monday to Friday now. It would be easier to be sad sometimes. But it is important to me to provide a happy, stable home."

I can only imagine the deep sadness this mother must feel everyday. God bless her for pulling it all together and moving forward making a happy life for herself and her daughter. Go read her story.

(Link via Michelle Malkin)