Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Left's Unholy alliance

This speech given by David Horowitz during the election is profound and must be read in its entirety. He speaks of the alliance between the political left and radical islam. I often recall that during the run-up to the Iraqi war, I would argue that by not supporting the war you were by default supporting Saddam and what he stood for. Well this speech makes the case and goes much, much farther than that. Horowitz names names, defines treason, tells you who all those 'protesters' really are, etc... It is a long piece, so you may want to print it out, but whatever it takes, read this important column to have a comprehensive understanding of why we fight in Iraq and what the left has tried to do to our country for their own, selfish political gain.

Here's a little historical perspective the author gives about Vietnam and himself:
The left has never learned the lessons of Vietnam, a fact underscored by the way in which Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy and leaders of the movement against the war in Iraq invoked the history of Vietnam as though it showed that they were right and their opponents were wrong. As you probably know, I began my life on the political left and was one of the founders of the movement against the Vietnam War. My parents were, in fact, card-carrying Communists, and my first political march was against an even earlier war. I was nine years old in 1948 and marched down 7th Avenue with my parents and their political comrades in New York chanting, "One, two, three, four, we don't want another war." "We" called ourselves "progressives" and supported the Progressive Party candidacy of Henry Wallace, who had once been Franklin Roosevelt's Vice President but was now a captive of the Communist left. The war we marched against was Harry Truman's "Cold War" to prevent Joseph Stalin from conquering more of Europe than he had already acquired. The peace movement of that time wanted Stalin to "liberate" Eastern Europe, which he had in fact enslaved. This campaign was the seed of the anti-war movements of Vietnam and Iraq, and also of the political left's influence in the Democratic Party. George McGovern began his political career in the Progressive Party's 1948 campaign against the Cold War. The Democratic Party of Harry Truman was committed to the Cold War. But as far as the peace movements are concerned, not much has really changed in 50 years.

As a post-graduate student at Berkeley in the early Sixties, I was one of the organizers of the first demonstration against the Vietnam War. It was 1962 and I can tell you as someone who was there, everybody who organized that demonstration was a Marxist and a leftist who thought the Communists were liberating Vietnam the way Michael Moore thinks Zarqawi is liberating Iraq. By that time, I was a "new leftist," disillusioned with the Communism of my parents' generation, so I was aware that the North Vietnamese Communists were not Jeffersonian democrats as people like Jane Fonda and John Kerry seemed to think they were. I avoided the Winter Soldier Investigation into American "war crimes" that John Kerry and Jane Fonda were part of. Jane Fonda was an idiot (useful, to be sure) who had embraced the Communists and committed treason. Perhaps John Kerry didn't grasp that fact. He got himself in bed with people who had a hatred for the United States as intense as their current hatred of George Bush.(/snip)

I can not recommend this speech more strongly: Read it to understand. Warning to leftist: This may be too much reason and reality for you to digest. Proceed with great caution.

After reading this, I've never been prouder to be a Republican and supporter of G.W.B. My side chooses taking the fight to the enemy, spreading freedom and democracy, bringing down brutal dictators and killing terrorists. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Link via Sean O in RI. Thanks for the tip!