Sunday, November 28, 2004

Monochromatic University

This column really caught my eye, since I work for a University. I wonder to what magnitude of a minority I fall in? Will's concluding paragraphs are great:
Academics, such as the next secretary of state, still decorate Washington, but academia is less listened to than it was. It has marginalized itself, partly by political shrillness and silliness that have something to do with the parochialism produced by what George Orwell called "smelly little orthodoxies."

Many campuses are intellectual versions of one-party nations — except such nations usually have the merit, such as it is, of candor about their ideological monopolies. In contrast, American campuses have more insistently proclaimed their commitment to diversity as they have become more intellectually monochrome.

They do indeed cultivate diversity — in race, skin color, ethnicity, sexual preference. In everything but thought.
The problem here is that most of these 'academics' already think they are smarter than all the peasants, so they are right and everyone else is just dumb. I don't ever see this turning around..

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