Saturday, November 27, 2004

I'm Back!

Providence to Dallas to Shreveport to Monroe to Dallas to Providence. What a week and a great Thanksgiving! My mother had dinner for 24 people. My brothers constructed a long table that stretched through the bottom floor of the house I grew up in. No separate children's table - Everyone sat together. And for all the La ex-pat's out there: Yes, we had a fried cajun turkey along with the smoked turkey and ham. But best of all, my Mom's wild duck dressing...Mmmmmm. I'll be spending quite a bit of time on the treadmill these coming weeks.

Dallas was incredible, along with the people we met there as well. As things stand right now, I would bet my money that Dallas will be our next home in 7 months. I spent 2 days neighborhood shopping and Highland Park is beautiful to say the least. I'll let ya know as soon as I know for sure.

In La, I stopped at the North Louisiana Military Museum in Ruston. Some may remember the speech I posted a while back by the veteran Ernie Stevens who owns and maintains the museum. It was a great pleasure to meet him and tour his most impressive museum. If you are in the area, I highly recommend you stop in for a visit. Every war the U.S. has been involved with is represented.

Being away from blogging for 8 days was tough for me! Maintaining this site is what is keeping me sane up here to make it through this challenging time and I've poured alot of time and effort into it was hard to ignore it all for that long of a time period. Not to mention, I missed reading my favorite sites and keeping up with my internet buddies.

So, I'm back and I hope that all of my readers keep coming back!