Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sad State of Jihad

Real Clear Politics has excellent commentary today on the disintegrating Jihad. That's right, we're winning this Jihad thing, but how would anyone know? The news of this victory could not possibly dirty the front pages of the NYT's or the Washington Post could it? Buried in the news last week was this little tidbit from that cold-blooded murderous Jordanian, Zarqawi:
On the audiotape, the speaker purported to be al-Zarqawi addressed the ''ulama'' senior Muslim religious clerics.

''You have let us down in the darkest circumstances and handed us over to the enemy. ... You have quit supporting the mujahedeen,'' the speaker said. ''Hundreds of thousands of the nation's sons are being slaughtered at the hands of the infidels because of your silence.''

He said the clerics ''left the mujahadeen to face the strongest power in the world. Are your hearts not shaken by the scenes of your brothers being surrounded and hurt by your enemy?''

This boys and girls is what defeat sounds like. Wonder why that good ole MSM doesn't see it that way? Bastards.