Monday, November 29, 2004

Cowboy George

Having been out of the loop last week, I completely missed the story of the Prez busting up an attempt to separate him from his security detail in Chile. BrainShavings has a series of pictures of the incident along with a link to Powerline quoting two readers who give a thoughtful take on the incident. All I've got to say is how remarkable for the Pres. of the U.S. to stop what he was doing and go himself and pull his guy out of an argument. Here's how the Washington Times reported the incident:
Law-enforcement authorities said the Chileans, who claimed to be in charge of security for the event, stopped Secret Service agent Nick Trotta as he was escorting Mr. Bush and first lady Laura Bush into the center, jumping in front of the agent as he approached the building entry. The authorities said the Chilean officers had seemed poised to act.
At least one Secret Service agent was shoved against a wall, the authorities said, as Mr. Trotta continued to push his way into the center. It was then that Mr. Bush responded, pushing into the crowd of angry security officials, pointing at Mr. Trotta and ordering that he be released. Mr. Bush finally reached over and grabbed the agent by the suit collar.
"He's with me," Mr. Bush said as he waded into the scuffle and pulled the agent through the crowd.
The authorities said the Chilean agents were shocked when they determined that the man pushing over them was Mr. Bush, who, they said, grabbed Mr. Trotta, adjusted his shirt cuffs and then winked at bystanders with the agent at his side.
La Cuarta, a Santiago newspaper, described Mr. Bush's actions as a "total breach of protocol" and referred to him as "John Wayne ... definitely acting like a cowboy."

Yeah, and he's not just anybody's cowboy, he's our cowboy! Bush was right to do what he did, and it may have saved his life. Everyone should be proactive in their personal safety, and no one is more of a marked man than George W. Bush. May God continue to protect him every second of every day.