Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Brokaw: Blind or Dumb?

Drudge is reporting the following:
Outgoing NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw was asked on MSNBC's HARDBALL Monday if the Bush White House has been tough with the press corps, citing as an example of Dick Cheney stipulating no NEW YORK TIMES reporters on his trips.

Brokaw said, "I think they have been too tough.

"The idea that this White House has not given Tom Friedman a long, in-depth interview is astonishing to me. I have had a very good relationship with them, I have gotten to interview the President a lot. I have had access on the phone and other areas and I have been very vigorous in my discussions with them. But no reporter that I know covering national politics and the international policies that are of such great concern today know as much about them as Tom Friedman does and they have completely shut out the NEW YORK TIMES."

Boo Hoo Tom, Are you really this dumb? The NYTs should've been thrown out a long time ago, and I'm proud that Cheney has shut them out. How else will they ever change?