Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Getting High, Baby Dies

Some people need to go straight to the electric chair:
BOCA RATON, Fla. -- A month-old baby died while his parents were on a three-day crack cocaine binge that began after Thanksgiving dinner, police said Tuesday.

The cause of death was not immediately clear. Sonia Thomas, 39, and Neal Anthony Bryan, 46, have been charged with child neglect. More charges could be filed after autopsy results are available, police spokesman Jeff Kelly said.

Bryan told police he awoke to find that his son, whose name was not released, was on the bed next to him, not wearing a diaper and not breathing, according to a police report.

Thomas told investigators the baby was blue and she ran to the kitchen and sprinkled water on him in an attempt to "get him back." He was pronounced dead at a hospital after the couple called 911.

Thomas said she could not remember when she had last fed the baby because "she was messed up on crack" and tired, the report said. It said the couple admitted smoking about $500 worth of crack cocaine over three days.

If I am suppose to feel pity for these adults, I do not. Just outrage and the need for swift justice for this innocent child who never really had a sliver of hope. These are the saddest of stories.