Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Dark Left - Again

John Podhoretz reveals the dark heart of the left:
Inside Iraq, political parties and factions are jockeying for position in advance of the elections, with threats of boycotts and pleas for a delay. Such behavior is part of the process of a nascent democracy; it could and should be seen as a hopeful sign. Yet in the eyes of the Left, the boycott threats have already invalidated those elections — indeed, they mean the country is inexorably headed toward civil war.

So claims the appallingly jejeune but sadly representative Spencer Ackerman, who writes "Iraq'd," an online column for The New Republic. He quotes an Iraqi government official who says that delaying elections would be seen as a triumph for the insurgents and would raise new questions about the legitimacy of Iraq's transition to democracy.

This anti-delay view, Ackerman says, is an affront to Sunnis and therefore unacceptable. Why? Because the official he quotes views as "irrelevant" the question of "whether the Sunnis consider the elections illegitimate." With perverse glee, Ackerman writes: "If the insurgents drank, they would be popping champagne corks."

This is preposterous. It's beyond obvious that the greatest threat to Iraq's nascent democracy would be to allow the undemocratic threat of an electoral boycott to delay elections. Once such a thing happened, the boycott would become the method of choice whenever any group decided it didn't like the way things were heading.

But in truth, it's hard not to feel that it's Ackerman who is secretly popping corks at the prospect of continued trouble in Iraq. For you see, having passionately opposed the war like so many on the Left, Ackerman has a weirdly vested interest in the failure of American efforts to ensure that the future will be better than the past.

Otherwise, he and his willfully blind brethren will be proven history's fools — which has been the unhappy fate of many on Left who have spent their intellectual capital placing bets against the American creed.

The Left consistently sets themselves up to only benefit or 'win' when America fails. This will always be a losing position for all the regular sane folks in America. Not only do we not like to lose, we really don't like to see our own countrymen cheering for the other side. Some may call this me crazy.

There's much more, you know what to do.